Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Answer is Job Creation, I have better ideas

By: Maged Taman

One of the best ways the greedy rich does to keep their wealth and their corrupt world is to say the answer to economic problems is Job creation.

Let me give you examples how Job creation is not the answer:

1- You can create meaningless jobs. One of the jokes was to give the employers unnecessary jobs like digging with table forks or destructive jobs like destroying the pyramids and rebuild them several times.

2- Jobs related to wars industry or arms are very destructive and destroy our resources.

3- Since income comes from capital or labor the rich would not let the poor touch the capital that they own and we are left by labor. The problem is the capital is coward and economic recessions it hide away from creating jobs.

4- How people who are worn out working for long years and their back and joints are damaged from hard labour for years and you make them work hard again at 50 years old or more. Do not they deserve better ideas.

5- The Jobs even if available wold not make you rich but just able to get by or delay paying all your debts.

6- The rich are making money of the poor by taking their income by lending them with usury to most of what they would need for big things in life like cars, houses, student loans and so forth. Thus the income of labour is sucked quickly to the income of capital that the rich own.

See my moral Utopia project that as a naive person New World Order (Moral Utopia Project) I was offering to the west and their corrupt corporations. It does not only solve most economic problems but make most people have income from both capital and labour. Of course many of the jealous American politicians would not let you know me for their own evil hearts and for their connections with the evil empire that control the world. They will look to you as dissent nice people and in fact they are wolves in sheep's cloths.

Some of the Jews God curse them who owns many of these corporations are oppressing me to talk public to people for their greed and envy. They hide behind some politicians and oppress me and continue their evil control of the world. The good Jews are not even allowed to talk to me.

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