Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Crimes of The Evil Jews in The World

By: Maged Taman

Let me be clear there are very good Jews and are the best of the people. However, there are criminal and evil Jews. Unfortunately they are the one who control the world now. Let me mention to you some of their crimes:

1- Most of the wars against the Jews in the Middle East they fueled it. Sadat did not fight them until he had no option left to him. True there is some obsession with the Jews which I hated but they were not the lamb for sure, they were the wolf who would plan for destruction of others. Look at my early writings I would try to make us forgive them and put good word about them for the sake of peace and our freedom.

2- They oppressed the Palestinians and play the victims game. See their merciless war against people who do not even have anything to defend themselves. True few rockets were sent over Israel and they could have retaliated in small scale, not in such brutality.

3- They took some of the Christians right who are good people by any measures for a ride to support them in everything but they do not understand prophecies right.True the Jews were the chosen people, but not any more. For a lot of Christians and Muslims they will have a laugh that God will redeem the world for them when most of the wars were ignited by them and most of the imperial adventures they owned. Great Jews like Noam Chomsky have talked about the Zionist imperialism. No doubt there are Jews that are the best of us but not those who control the world now. I suspect they will have great role in paving the way to Jesus Second Coming.

4- The wicked Jews planned the war between Iraq and Iran that extended for 8 years.

5- 9/11 is planned by them so they can invade Iraq and take over the oil and stand up to Iran.

6- Meanwhile they protect the tyrant regimes like Saudi and Egypt.

7- In the war of Iraq invasion they would blast a masque of Shia so they attack Sunni or blast a masque for Sunni so they attack Shia.

8- The evil Jews corrupted and bankrupted America to clear the way of the Antichrist and make the center of world control through Jerusalem. Neither Muslims nor Christians will accept any messiah but Jesus Peace Be Upon Him.

9- A lot of Americans particularly in the military and veterans knew now they were fighting for imperial evil Jews and not for Christ.

10- A lot of Christians are returning now to their religion and their Christ who was persecuted and oppressed by the evil Jews, God curse them. Jesus (PBUH) did the same he cursed them.

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