Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Change in the hits in my website

By: Maged Taman

I know some people thinks I am paranoid to think I could be Al Mahdi. The thing make me more paranoid is the hits to my website did not change since about 10/2009. So people who are visiting my website since 10/2009 are non. Thus people who are visiting my website should also think that they are paranoid since the counter shows that they did not do so.

There is no confusion we all paranoid. Nothing is happening there I am in a big dream and people are like me in big dream as well. The reality is the American government is keeping a close eye in my website and wants you also to know so. We say it here in America the big brother. I am not alone a lot of Americans are under the microscope. If you are following my web you will find the same hits from 10/2010 are the same 4200 hits no new visitor since that time. Do not feel bad if your visit do not count since you are invisible like me.

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