Saturday, March 20, 2010

Christian Evangelicals Endorse Wicked Nation of Israel


Christian evangelicals have flexed their political biceps repeatedly, causing Congress and the White House to bend to Israel's corrupt foreign aggression and racist conduct. Christian evangelicals, under the leadership of Zionist zealots like Pastor John Hagee, prophecy teacher Hal Lindsey, psychologist James Dobson, the late Reverend Jerry Falwell, prosperity preacher Joyce Meyer, and TV evangelists Paul Crouch and Pat Robertson, actually believe—and teach—that whoever blesses Israel, God will bless, and whoever curses Israel, God will curse. This teaching, they say, requires Christians—indeed, the U.S.A. itself—to refrain from any and all criticism of Israel and the Jews.

Moreover, they claim that America is obligated by God to bless Israel and its people with scads of money, the blood of our young men and women in uniform, and anything else required or desired by the Jews. Remember, they insist, if America blesses Israel, God will bless America.
But what if America "blesses" Israel and instead of blessing America, an angry, unhappy God sends a multitude of evil America's way? Indeed, if that happens, will it not be the case that the Christian evangelicals have all along been dead wrong about this, that they have misread the Bible? What if—think about it—God decides to punish America for helping the corrupt, criminal, antichrist nation of Israel and heaps misfortune after misfortune on America's head?

Sixteen Ways God is Cursing America for Blessing A Corrupt Israel
Well, the fact is that America is the world's greatest benefactor and blesser of Israel. We bless the Jews in countless ways, and yet, consider the many curses that America is now suffering:

America is now suffering a staggering economic collapse; with banks and corporations failing, prices skyrocketing, real estate being dumped, jobs being lost, the whole bit. Our federal deficit and national debt are staggering.

America is riddled with narcotics, meth, and other illegal drugs.
America is saturated to the hilt with pornography and blasphemy against God.
America’s political leaders consistently lie, cheat, fornicate, kill and otherwise disgrace our once, great country.

The whole world thinks of the United States as a rogue, warmongering nation led at the top by a moron, George W. Bush.

Mainly to further the Israeli agenda, the United States is embroiled in two foreign wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result, flag-draped coffins of slain U.S. military personnel are regularly brought home by transport aircraft. Is this an example of how much God is blessing America for its support of Israel and the Jewish Zionist Agenda?The United States is now engaged in two foreign wars simultaneously. Over 4,000 of our young people have been slain and tens of thousands maimed with limbs torn off by roadside bombs in far-off Iraq. Thousands more are casualties of the Afghanistan conflict, a war we are losing to the dreaded Taliban. And our crazy, bamboozled leaders, manipulated by the powerful Jewish lobby (ADL, AIPAC, AJC, etc.) are hankering to plunge headlong into yet a third war—against Iran.

America is suffering an illegal alien invasion. Some 20 to 40 million illegals are inside our nonexistent borders—no one really knows the real number, but it’s huge. Their care and welfare is costing us tens of billions per year, and the illegal aliens are taking millions of jobs away from unemployed and desperate American workers.

Our Christian TV evangelists—men like Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, and Paul Crouch—push positive thinking, feel good theology, and a smorgasboard of other nonsense.
Our nation’s warped children are showing sick effects of having imbibed too much "gangsta" rap and heavy metal rock music and watching too much sorcery and occult TV cartoons. Many youngsters are on Prozac, Ritalin, and other mind-altering drugs.

Our nation’s teenagers and even many adults idolize and want to be just like their decadent idols—Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and the rest of the Motley Crew of Hollywood. Oh yes, there’s also Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, and similar cretans—all of whom are adored, admired, and paid fabulously for their vulgar, profane jokes, blasphemous conduct, etc.

Crime waves roar not only in American cities, but in small town America. Rapes, murders, kids killing parents, parents killing kids, car jacking, the list goes on and on. Lock your doors, folks, the bad guys are now breaking down doors to rob suburban dwellers, too.

The police in America are corrupt, abusive, and often incompetent. Call 911 in many locales and nothing happens. But get on someone’s blacklist and a black-uniformed, masked police Swat Team may just show up at your residence, ready to slay your pets, frighten your kids into tears, and take you and the Missus off to jail. Then, they discover, "Whoops, wrong house."

Black-uniformed, masked police are becoming commonplace in America. Big Brother’s apparatus is bearing down on law-abiding citizens more and more everyday. Is this because America is "blessing" Zionist Israel?

Virtually every merchant, every appliance repairman, every auto mechanic in America has become a shyster, ripping consumers off. Identity theft is commonplace.

Bribes and pay-offs are now S.O.P. for city officials and politicians, from lowly city councilmen to the halls of Congress.

America is rapidly becoming a Police State, as our liberty and constitutional rights are systematically stripped from us, and Big Brother’s high-tech spy apparatus bears down on citizens more each day.

We have just handily elected as President a man, Barack Obama, who endorses both gay marriage and the horrors of partial-birth abortion.

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Blogger Comment:

Though I do not agree with all the points that Texe Marrs make a lot of them are right. Christians have to stand to their Messiah who is ours also as Muslims. The Jews are waiting for their Anti-Christ. Do you think for their evil deeds God will send them Jesus Christ. They have the chance now let us hear Israel recognize him as the messiah.

I personally can get you all Muslims despite their sects except the few weired to tell you that both the Quran and Hadith attest that Jesus is the Messiah. So why the Jews, some of them God cursed them oppressed me for the last few years because among the things I say we are at the end of time and Jesus peace be upon him will be coming soon and he is the true Messiah since we have to stand to their Anti-Christ who will be coming in few years.

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