Sunday, September 06, 2009

Islam: The Complete Religion

By: Maged Taman

The Quran the word of God and Hadith which is the spoken words of the prophet and inspired by God gave us the complete religion of Islam. In the Quran God talk to all humanity about the creation, the wisdom behind the creation and the way to communicate with God the creator. It answers all of our question of his right religion. He talks to us in the Quran in the way he communicate his messages through prophets. He mention in the Quran the main prophets he sent us and their messages. He correct to us and the people of the books the misinterpretations to his previous messages. He gave us the law that direct us to a just and happy communities. He outlays the most important events of our life, death and resurrection.

1- God is the author of the Quran: Why God is The Author Of The Quran

2- The Quran was not inspired by Satan: Was The Quran Inspired By Satan?

3- God and the Creation: God And The Creation.

4- God in the Quran: God in the Quran

5- Submission since Adam: Islam (Submission) Since Adam

6- The Quran defined faith: Faith in Islam

7- Prophet Abraham: Abrham (PBUH) The father of the Three Major Religions

8- Worship in the Quran: Worship in The Quran

9- The wisdom of creation: The Intention behind the Creation

10- Prophet Moses in the Quran: Moses in The Quran

11- Prophet Jesus in the Quran: Worshipping Jesus is Injustice to God.

12- The truth in the Quran: The Truth in The Quran

13- The God of the Bible and the Quran: Is Allah The God Of The Bible?

14- The True Religion: Religion in The Quran

15- Prophecies of the Quran: Intrinsic Prophecies of the Quran

16- The messages of God: God Messages

17- Guidance in the Quran: Guidance In The Quran.

18- Death in the Quran: Death in The Quran

19- The day of judgement: The Day of Judgement (the Hour)

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