Monday, September 07, 2009

A Very Efficient Government Is No Government.

By: Maged Taman

Governments over the ages have been either the source of happiness of its people or sadness and depression. I look at an efficient government as the government that is so efficient that make you feel that there is no government.

It is like you are dealing with a bank that is very efficient and everything goes smooth that you never call the manager. You may not even have much interest to know how they accomplish that but you like it this way. Once a year or so you may ask for curiosity who is the manager or CEO of the bank.I am looking for an efficient government that look the same way. It is so effective that people feel that there is no government.

As you guessed the bank has no party system and is very likely very efficient because of the dedication and harmony of the staff of the bank.

Can we make governments work the same way. My answer is yes if we to do the following:

1- No party system since it had proved to be divisive to the country and allowed dictators to dominate over their countries.

2- Media that supervise every part of the government. It will not be right and left fighting all times. It will not be like: hi, thank you, you are great,..... There will be dialogue but down to business the problem so is better solved this way because of 1 + 1 + --- = s0.

3- No interest groups or outside money that corrupt the government.

4- All mechanisms to prevent the corruption of the government.

5- Weak politicians and strong citizens thus the government officials are serving the public and not vice verse. Politicians are not getting strength through absolute power and authority or through the strength of the party as happens in most third world country.

6- Politicians are more of independent people that in the network in the government and have to work it out between them. They are not a group of common interest or a gang. Their main interest is to make it work.

7- The government will become much less attractive for dominating dictators and corrupt individuals. People are basically will change their attitude towards their leaders and they will be looked at more like CEO's.

8- The government in every country would hold the human values of free speech, women rights, women rights, religious rights... That will make the people happy feeling social justice, equality and freedom.

9- The government overtime with all its intact institutions that allow smooth and very efficient governing system will make people do not feel there is a government and they will worship their God and enjoy their families. Meanwhile we will prevent most causes of wars and social upsets.

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