Saturday, September 05, 2009

Taman Health Plan: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Health Care: One Plan

By: Maged Taman

Americans' Future In One Plan: Taman Health Plan ( ) takes care of all the health care, Medicare, Medicaid and social security. It will threw all bureaucracies out of window. Let me explain shortly how it works:

1- there will be no more health care insurance companies, no Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. My plan will take care of all.

2- Basically will be only one Big Health care organization (Taman Health Plan or THP).

3- The center of the plan will be in Washington while the health departments in every state will be the branches.

4- One organized body will be taking care of the Health Care and long term care of all Americans replacing 1500 insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

5- This will allow us to provide a uniform service to all Americans every where in both inpatients, outpatients and long term care.

6- When you go to any Duncan Donuts branch your expectation is to have a fresh coffee and a donut with no long wait. We will try to provide a similar predictable service everywhere as Duncan Donuts. With having only one body will be able to do that.

7- The Capital of the plan will be the funds of Medicare and Social Security (before the bankruptcy of both systems). The maintenance will be a yearly tax from each of us (will replace our yearly social security and Medicare holding taxes). A percent of each of us go to his account cards and a percent go to THP itself. The money of the plan will be invested by the investing sector of the plan very likely in Wall Street.

8- We will have 5 ATM cards with a corresponding accounts.
Card A (children),
Card B (working group 18-65years old),
Card C (Medicare card >65 years old),
Card D (Medicaid card),
Card E ( expensive medicines or investigations).

We will have the health cards devoted to health care and long term care. Thus we will have: health cards, banks with accounts to each card and credit card machines in outpatients care and hotelling part of hospitals and nursing homes.

9- Cards will pay for the outpatient medical care including doctors, emergency room visits, investigations, medical supplies, pharmacies and the hotelling part of hospitals and nursing homes. While the medical part of hospitals and nursing homes will be budget by the plan itself.

10- In the first year of issuing cards: Card B and C (most of people) will have a bonus it could be a percent of their Medicare and social security withholding (70 % or so). We will try to be fair to every one but every one has to know that most of us already lost a lot of money with the HMO's. For next year new comers to card B at age of 18 when first issued will have a bonus of 50,000 dollars. It will change every year by a percent a according to inflation.

11- every one of us will get a statement every one or two months of his card account. Card B account will phase in card C at the age of 65. If card C account is vanished Card D will be issued (hoteling part will be less luxurious). Only few of Card B will have card D if there account vanish most likely those with severe medical problems.

12- So basically most of us will have our own account Card B then card C. Say you are 45 and you have now in your account $ 200,000 you can take one or more years out of work, you Can retire early if you like and with your card you will control all the medical services and its prices.

13- With this card system we will end all bureaucracies of health care, Medicare and Medicaid. No one will stand between you and any medical or long term service (only your card). Shop around with you card, have early health care security and responsibility and invest in your health.

14- We will not need Social Security since after age of 65 we will be able to use our cards to stay in any nursing home each according to his account in card C or card D. So when you invest well in your health you will be able to enjoy a nicer nursing home when you get old (actually it will be also a kind of tourism).

15- The money in cards do not get inherited when we pass away but recycle in the plan to support the next generations.

16- The plan will have very positive effects not only in simplifying our care, save a lot of waste in health care, give early health care security and responsibility to Americans it will also have a positive effect on the economy, saving billions of dollars to Americans, creating jobs in health care and cutting outsourcing.

Very likely, you figure it out by now I could have sold the plan to one of the presidential candidate before the 2004 election for millions of dollars (they had spent 2 billion dollars in campaign). I could have done the same this 2008 presidential election. It is my gift to the American people (it will help the healing process of the two worlds America and the Muslim/Arabs). At that time of 2004 I sent this plan to big organizations in America in health care, political and others. I was trying to negotiate through this plan to have freedom in the Arab world. This does not mean that we will go and invade each one but will create the strong political will to make drastic changes in these countries. The American government did not allow me or my plan to see the light since they did not want their close tyrant friends in the Arab world to be threatened.

These are the benefits to the American people:

1- Insure all Americans for health care.
2- Take care of the entitlements of all programs as above.
3- Save billions of dollars to America every year.
4- Give to the Americans early health care security and responsibility.
5- Inject the American economy by the right stimulus in health care and long care to stimulate the economy.
6- Creating more jobs that is difficult to outsource.
7- Give the Americans the freedom to be off from work for months or years without socialism.
8- Will diminish much the hidden deficit in health care which will diminish the yearly budget deficit and debt.
9- Will save a lot of lives 18,000 are lost yearly due to lack of insurance.
10- Will cut much in crimes and incarcerations that many times are related to hopelessness, lack of health and long term security and resentment.

The American Government have blocked me for few years to talk to the public since they do not want people to know me, particularly Muslims and to take me seriously. This plan is still my gift to the American people if there leaders will change their positions in the world.


Hanan said...
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Maged Taman said...

My health care plan is a little complicated. I will give you an example on me. If I am under 18 years old I will have card A which my family would use it for me when I have a health care problem. As I reach 18 years old I will have card B which will have a bolus of 50000 dollars. Then I would accumulate over the years from work place a percent which is now are the medicare and social security deductable that are deducted already from our weekly payroll check. When I reach 65 years old all my card B money will go to my new card C account. If I would spend all the money I have in Card C then I will switch to card D which is like Medicaid now. There will be always card E to supplement all of us for expensive treatments. If you will put all the family under one card we will loose the most benficial idea of my plan which is health care security and responsiblity. If it is my card and it is has my own money for health care and social security I will be wise to take good care of my health and also to save the country the money we are loosing now in disorganized medicine. Compare this plan with the health care we have now and the socialized medicine you find it the most workable and least costy. We basically are creating a big insurance company that we all own it. Suppose 90% of Americans or more were wise to use their cards and invest early in their healht care. A lot of them will die over 100 years old and possibly with hundrad of thousands of dollars still left in their account. The money that we are given to the insurance companies now goes to them and most of times they complicate our lives to save money. My plan is simple you have your card and you shop for health care and long term care wherever you go. It covers all of us and in same time plays the market fairly. It is very American and very creative. People do not beleive God give it to me despite no one was able to do it in last 90 years.

Hanan said...
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Maged Taman said...

Strange story, prior to 9/11 I had a lot of oppression in my country. After 9/11 I had discrimination against me in America, though most Americans are good people. I was burnt out and I felt for all the injustices in the world. I was praying to God and he gave me the high lights of the plan. It was in Ramadan 2003. I sent the suggestions of the plan to Newsweek I think in late 2003 and I proposed the high lights to be examined and I asked them if they can peruse it and find experts to help me with the plan. They did not answer me and I think they may thought I am just one of those guys. Anyway few months later the plan came as genius as you see it, I think about 3/2004. I knew that it is too extraordinary and I have no doubt that God gave me the inspiration. I was doing the plan to take care of the health care in America and after I finished it I found out that it takes care of the health care, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Americans' pensions. I feel that God talks to me in one way or another. I am a very practical guy but there is things that are too much to be coincidences in my life. I sent the plan to the group of Physicians for National Health Program about 4/2004 or so. They are great people and many of them are Jewish. I was actually planning to get it out to the country through them or through a public movement for two reasons I thought that the interest groups will block it. The second reason I wanted a big public attention since I thought this is the plan that will get me the attention to our causes in the middle east. I remember the motto I was using to spread the plan is " I will run in the street and jump over the cars, they will tell you I am crazy I do not care I am Don Quixote and I am holding a plan". These doctors may thought I am wacko given the way I presented it to them but the reality is I am very stable person, though I like humor, which is the irony of our existence even tragedy have its sense of humor. I sent my plan then to major organizations in America prior to the 2004 presidential elections. At that point I wanted the American politicians to take my advises since their is lack of good understanding of the complicated politics of the Middle East. Anyway very likely politicians who red that realized how my spirit is longing for freedom and realized my great care of my people. Someone else would just sell the plan to one of the political parities for 50 million dollars, he will have all the fame and will win Noble prize in econmics. As we stand now this plan helped me to voice my opinion and political views which is good for all of us. I was indirectly talking to the American politicians and the media for the last three years. Through letters to media and through this blog. It is the time now to talk to my people in the Arab and Muslim world. Meanwhile, If the Americans or the west wants to take me advises I will be glad to have them do that. As you see there is something about me, I do not know what. Thank you for your interest in my blog and my thoughts.

Hanan said...
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