Monday, September 07, 2009

The Muslims United Party.

By: Maged Taman

I am suggesting this party as a political party that can exist in every Arab and Muslim country. Though I do not believe in the party system winning election allow us to prepare the Muslim countries for the second coming of Jesus. This party would declare its principals as follows:

1- We are the third alternative to the tyrannical parties in the Muslim world and the extremists agenda.

2- Since the way to government is supposedly through elections we will do it this way and let see if the west will stand for free elections. We will have the political power to impose early elections.
3- We are honestly declaring that if we win elections and govern we will cancel the party system with a consultation system that will allow a real democracy and the sharing of people in governing themselves. We will get rid of the feud and special interest of the party system.

4- The best to control us is real free and responsible media another party will do the same like everywhere he will love the country to fail so they can win the next election.

5- We are abiding by all the principals of human rights and dignity.

6- Though we invite the world to a new world order there is no obligation we as Muslims will try to have one Muslim government or loosely attached governments. I think the west should respect our desire. If they to stand against that it will be a clear oppression from them.

7- We will be friends to all countries we will not be starting troubles to the world. We are likely to solve troubles.

8- Minority groups in all Muslim countries are invited to participate in our party. We do not have a secret agenda but justice, peace and prosperity for all of us Non-Muslims and Muslims.

9- We will not be hostile to the west or Israel and will be pragmatic. We will answer disputes through dialogue and politics.

10- Although a lot Muslim organizations look sound they do not reach out to all people. We will include them under our banner and not vice verse.

11- Extremists would not participate in our parties and we are not interested in cooperation.

12- If we are not allowed to have a party in the Muslim countries we will not fight but we will make a party even if we call it a grocery store and the tyrants can not arrest us all and the west will not allow them to do so or I hope so.

13- Solving peacefully the Palatine-Israel conflict is a must do (two states solution).

14- We will not express rhetoric against any religious group but we will expose wrong policies and ideas.

15- The culture of death that is promoted by extreme groups in all sides and preparing for Armageddon should end. Moderation is the answer to the world struggles.

16- I already have one program to take care of health care delivary and long term care
Taman Health Plan: Social Security

17- I also propse a very strong banking system that will create the right stimulus and opportunity to all our citizens. See under New World Order (Moral Utopia Project
Though I tried to do the project with the west we are able to do it in our countries since the west is not interested.

18- I believe in the brain power that means one brain what ever it is brillance is less powerful than the brains of smart people working together. A lot of good projects will come up from them. The most important way to govern is through the consultation.

19- The best hierarchy of the govenrment is that made up of the best of people both morally and in expertise from all the citizen of a country regardless of their faith or race.

20- Our ultimate goal is to prepare the world for Jesus second coming. If we are wrong and they are not coming soon we are doing what is geopolitically right (though all the signs point to his soon second coming. We are creating a large moderate Islamic movement to peacefully transition the Arab and Muslim world to a new era of justice, peace and prosperity. We will continue to talk to the west but with suspicion. If they change their policies and we feel that they are in our camp will forgive them for the past bad policies and start all over.

If you are interested please E-mail me. Be brave we are able to stand to the tyrants and extremists. America will not sit with Muslims to see how to liberate us, they have their problems. We are the one who would help them. I doubt we can work through them they need the tyrants to deal with the extremists, we can bypass them to save them the challenge.

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