Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fuck Obama with no respect:

For the elites particularly some of the Jews, Obama is the deception to absorb the Muslims anger so they shut up and do not talk about the crimes of Bush. It is still the empire with all its killing machine. We supposed to be scared and fear for our lives and kiss the shoes of America for having a selective killer and not the alcoholic blood drunk George Bush. The plan of Obama the asshole of America is to keep me captive in America and steal my passport while his FBI plan lawsuits for me and ruin my life as they did to me for more 8 years. I am very liberal but I think God will punish America severely. Read the book of revelation it is not my words but apostle Jhon. If Obama is a real man to get me back my passport and I promise you to leave America in first plain to Cairo. Imagine for 8 years in America you sleep every night do not know who will sue you next day. Though I never have any relation with the Jihadists and I have different ideology but they get angry for the persecution of Muslims particularly peaceful one like me.

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