Friday, May 28, 2010

The Quran and Economy


What is Zakat?
What is Sadqa?
What is Infaaq (spending in the cause of Allah)?
Economy and pleasant life
The rights of orphans, widows, etc.(yatama)
The rights of the indigent (masakeen)
Standard of setting salaries
No making of illegal money in an Islamic economy
No hoarding of money in an Islamic economy - I
No hoarding of money in an Islamic economy - II
What to do with the surplus?
Circulation of Wealth
Qarooniat: Characteristics of an Exploitative Capitalist
Wealth without work
Fruit of capitalism: Inequitable distribution of wealth

Blogger Comment:

There is no limit to wealth as indicated by God in the Quran. You can get whatever wealth you can, provided you play the market fairly and participate in social justice. There is no Communism in Islam. There is free capital but we all get a piece of the cake not mainly those who are in power and the connected ones who own the capital. In Islam politicians are answering to God and the people and not to the owners of the capital.

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