Friday, May 21, 2010

To All Young People in the World Your Future is here

By: Maged Taman

Wherever country you are from, what ever race you were born and what a belief system you have I have your future in my health Plan, see the link below. Why it is your future read the plan and find out yourself. So why this plan is hidden by the media and politicians. Because people thinks I want to dominate the world which is a joke for me since I am an introverted guy with few friends. I rather watch Disney movies than run the world.

However people at time looks for a guy like me wants to do a clean job save the world and then hide back in his cave where he enjoys his loneliness. A perfect model for the anti-Christ or Al Mahdi like Muslims think. However you know the envious nature of many humans they would not stand to have a saviour they rather kill each other and spread corruption in earth than have a Savior.

Remember how Jesus was oppressed and persecuted and he is ten times better than me. I can just close my web site and go home and live like other people are living which I still think about. However the world is going from bad to worse and a lot of young people see no future and older the generations I am one of them live a hard and insecure life. That is why I want to get out of my cave. In the era of President Bush he would pass the wrong information in the Churches that I am the anti-Christ I can hear them in their meetings. Thus all my Communications with the media and even Muslims scholars they block it like with the Sistani, Goma and others did not bother even to interrogate me from orders from higher powers.

President Obama thinks he is personally Al Mahdi Al Muntazer that I was waiting for but he did not deliver. Thus my talk is to the young people around the world read my health and long term plan. Decide to yourself If you are interested to see me in person and listen to my advises and God inspiration or you want just keep angry about your bad future and unhappy life. The elites really hate to see me rise up.

Read my health plan examine it very well and you will find that I am sent by God and not by Satan.

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