Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One visitor from Egypt to my blog only!!!

By: Maged Taman

If you see the flags of the visitors that indicating were they came from to my blog you will find only one person from Egypt visited my blog. Given there are over 100 million Egyptians and this visitor chose me it means a lot to me. First I want to be sure he is a real Egyptian and not a tourist. If he is a real Egyptian we have to find out first where he came from, a man or a woman or a little child. The second question where are the rest of Egyptians they supposed to be excited that Al Mahdi Al Muntazer could be an Egyptian. If I were a singer or succor player they may had given me more attention. You would find millions Egyptians following me.

I invite this single Egyptian who stood up to what he believes in and decided to listen to a revolutionary guy like me to contact me. I will be pleasure if he can e-mail me at magedtaman@yahoo.com

Another possibility is a lot of Egyptians are really visiting and the counter is not working please let me know so I can fix it. E-mail me if you think there are a lot of people are visiting from Egypt to my blog. The elites want to make you think I have no or only few followers, that fact is I have millions who are ready to start a peaceful revolution. Other millions who are thinking about it, call them, contact them and tell them about my website.

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