Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please Do not Call me for the Vice President Position.

By: Maged Taman.

Few American Senators, Governors and politicians are waiting for a call from Senator McCain and Senator Obama for the vice president position. I am not one of them. I apologize for being unable to take that position, so please do not call me. I am just kidding. I enjoy myself as a home based politician and I am always willing to help with my ideas if someone think they are worse something.

A lot of people in the Internet are declaring that they are Al Mahdi Al Munatazer let us add one more me. Suppose now people are calling me for an official title. This will be my answer I can not be a president or vice president to any country. I can not be the king of the Arabs or the Muslims. I can not be the president of United Nations. I am willing to accept one title only Al Mahdi Al Muntazer or the guided one. Very honourable and glorious to be chosen by God for this position.

How then someone without an authoritative title role. The answer is simple when someone is believed that he is guided by God he does not need a title. People will just gravitate towards him they will listen to every word he says and will try to make his plans and ideas see the light. They will refine them and add their ideas to his. They will know that he is guided by God and they will listen to him as the faithfuls listened to their prophets before. Since there is no prophet after the messenger Muhammad (PBUH) and no message but Islam both Al Mahdi and Jesus (PBUH) will be following the Quran.

Leaving the fantasy land and going back to the land of reality, the best vice president to Obama is McCain and the most entitled to be president is McCain. This is the irony. Senator McCain has the experience, confidence and stamina to be the president. The world however is looking for a new face for change, someone with big dreams and plans to change the world. He needs to convince the large powers that they will prosper in his time and meanwhile takes care of the crumpled third world countries and make the Americans realize their dreams. He is the one who will be able to export the best of America to the world.

The other way around is senator Obama to look for Veep as senator McCain and for senator McCain to look for Veep like Obama. Senator McCain is just too confident he can easily allow a Veep with big ideas to join his presidency and push him in the front. He is the voice of wisdom in this country.

Who will win the USA presidential election, I do not know now? I still do not know who will be best for America and the world. I do not know if the American political system will allow great changes to happen in the inner affair of this country or the world affairs. I do not know who will have the guts and will to muscle through it. You do not need to beat someone up but you will be willing to look angry and loose friends for the sake of the country and to stand to all injustices.

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