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Most Frequently Found Quranic Words.

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Most Frequently Found Quranic Words & their Meanings Archive

Assalaam alaikum,

Inshallah we are starting this program to learn Quranic words on the Jannah.Org message board. This is the archive of the words and references people have posted.
[assalaam alaikum wrt, since alot of people have been posting recently about trying to learn arabic, i thought it would be a good opportunity to bring up an idea i've had for a while now
i have this list of 835 words of the Quran whose frequency. in the Quran is 10 and above with meanings in English, by knowing the words one can understand 58.63 percent text of the Quran.
it's extremely hard to actually sit down with this and memorize the words. and don't ask me to photocopy this and send it to you because everyone i've given it to hasn't been able to do anything with it (believe me i've had this for the last 3 years)
so to force myself to learn these words inshallah i am going to try to learn one word a day and try to go from there. i'll post them on here to force myself and if anyone else wants to join in learning
i just wish there was a way i could somehow get the arabic on here as well...but i'll do my best to kind of phoeneticize it ]
May Allah reward those who did the research to give us some great examples of how the words are used and may Allah guide us along the path to understanding the Quran. Ameen.
Please double check the verses, the reference numbers, and transliteration before using them. This list was basically meant as a personal record and has not been proof read and there may be mistakes in it.

Aabaa-ana, Aabaa-una = Our fathers
Aabaa-ukum = Your fathers
Aakhareena = Others
Aal = people, descendants, family members
'Aalaa = blessings, benefits, bounties
Aalihat = plural of Ilaah
Aamana= He adopted faith, he believed
Aamanoo = They adopted faith
Aa-taynaa = (We) gave
Aa-taynaahu = (We) gave him
Aayaat = verses, signs, sentences of the Quran
Abada(Abadan) = Forever, Never
Absaarihim = their eyes
Abwaab pl. of al-baab
Ahadan = One or Any
Ahadu = Anybody or Somebody
Ahl = People of
Ahsanu = best, better, nicer
Ahzaab = the allies, the parties, the groups
Ajala = Fixed period, yes
Ajma'een = all
Ajru, Ajran = Reward
Ajruhum = Their reward or wages
Akhadha = He caught or took
Akhadhna = We caught or took
Akheehi = His brother
Al Ardd = The Earth
Al-Aakhar = The Other
Al-Aakhir = Next, following, coming, the last
Al-Aakhirah = The here after
Al-Aakhireen = Plural of Al-aakhir
Al-amr= The Command, the affairs, the authority, the decree, the Order
Al-Awwaleen = the ancestors, the ancients, the first, the forebearers
Al-baab = the door, the entrance
Al-Baatil = the false, the futile, the baseless, the useless
Al-bahr = the ocean, the sea
Al-Balaagh = announcement, proclamation
Al-bar = the land, the mainland
Al-bayt = the house, the dwelling place
Aleem or aleemaa = painful, grievious, hurting
Al-eemaan = The faith
Al-Hamd = the Praise
Al-haqq = The truth, the true, the right, (correct)
Alharaam(i) = the respectable, the holy, the forbidden, the sacred
Al-Hikma(t) = the wisdom
Al-Hukum = Wisdom, legal decision
Al-Husnaaa = The goodness, the virtue, the best outcome fem)
Al-Ins = The human being, mankind, human race
Al-Insaan =The human being
Al-Janna(t) = The paradise, the heaven
Allaatee = those women who (pl. of Allatee)
Allah = the one and only God
Allatee = the woman who
Al-mujrimoon, al-mujrimeen = the criminals, the sinners, the guilty
Al-Tawraat = the torah revealed book to Musa
Al-thamaraat = the fruits
Al-umoor= plural of Al-amr
Amartu = I, (We) commanded, instructed, commissioned, entrusted
Ameen = trustworthy, faithful, reliable
Annaa = as per wish, where from, how, where
Awwal = first
Ayna = whither?, where?
Ayyu = which?
Ba'd = after, in addition to, beside
Ba'dd = a few, some, a part, a portion
Ba'eed = far away, distant, remote
Baghtah = all of a sudden, surprise
Balaa = yes, why not, yes indeed
Bashar(u), Basharan = man, human being, mankind
Bash-shir = give good tidings
Ba'sunaa = our distress, strength, fortitude, courage, conflict
Bayna = in between, among
Bi-idhni = Command or Permission
Bi-idhnihi=With his permission
Bi'sa = how bad, miserable to feign, distress
Bushraa = good news, glad tidings
Buyoot pl. of al-bayt
Hadeeth = talk, speech, chat
Hakeem = Wise, Ever-wise
Haleem = patient, clement, forbearing, gentle
Haqqa = Came true, verified, correct, be incumbent, deserved it
Haraj = Oppressed, straitness, straitened
Harram(a) = Prohibited
Harth = field, agricultural farm, tilth, tilling
Hasana(t) = Goodness, virtue, good deed, charity, benefaction
Hasanaa = Good, better, well, splendidly, beautifully
Hijaara(t) = the stones, the rocks
Hisaab = account, reckoning
Hudood = limits, limitations, borders, borderline
Ibtighaa = favour, desire, wish
Ilaah,Ilaahan = Object of worship, god
Israa'eel = The name of prophet Yacoub
Ithmu, Ithman = Sin
Ithnayn = Two
Ittaba'a = followed
Jaa-a = Jaa'a = Came, brought
Jaahadoo = they struggled, they strived, they strove
Ja'ala = He made, He rendered
Jahannam = Hell
Jaheem = hell, hellfire, fire
jamee'aa = All, altogether, all of them, entirely, totally
Jannaat = gardens, heavens
Jazaa' = reward, repay
Jibaal = mountains
Junaah = prohibition, accountability, sin,
Li abeehi = To his father
Majnoon = mad, lunatic
Ma'waahum = their abode, their accommodation, their lodge
Mubeen, mubeenaa = clear, plain, evident
Muhsineen = the benefactors, the virtuous, the benevolents (obj.)
Mu'minoon = adopted faith, believers
Ooloo or oolee = possessors of, owners of
Ootoo = given
Taaba = repented, turned out (in repentance)
Tahtihaa = beneath it
Ta'kuloo = Eat
Ta'toona = (You) commit, you come
Thalaatha(t) = Three
Thamanaa = price, reward
Tilka = that, these
Tu'minoo = Adopt faith
Tutlaa = are recited, are rehearsed
Umam = Plural of Ummat
Umirtu = I, (We) was commanded, instructed, commissioned, entrusted
Ummahu = His mother, his abode, his origin, his source
Ummat= People, Nation, Generation
Unthaa = Female
Yaa ayyuhaa = O you who
Yabsutt = increases, to extend, stretch
Yahlifoona = They swear, they take oath
Yahzanoon = they grieve, sadden or will grive
Yahzanoon(a) = they grieve, sadden or will grieve
Yatoob = he turns from or will turn to God's grace
Yuhib = He likes or he will like

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