Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Exciting Time In History: It Looks Like A Duck And It Quacks Like A Duck

By: Maged Taman

I could be paranoid as well millions of people who think that we are at the end of time. We could be having other boring decades. But if you listen to prophecies of researchers in the three major religions you would think that we are in the end of time. I keep looking at the sky every night waiting for Jesus return or something close enough. It is exciting time in history. If our paranoia is a reality and our delusions are real history we should be happy and fearful in the same time. For all of these reasons it is exciting:

1- Prophecies will unfold in front of our own eyes.

2- The golden age will be few years away.

3- The world will turn from hate, conflicts and wars to peace and justice. The wolf will be a guest to the lamb.

4- We will have trials and tribulation it is exciting in a way that every day passes away means we are closer to the kingdom of God. If we to follow God plan it will be quite shorter.

5- We will have two Messiah and one Antichrist. Something you can not dream of in your life time.

6- The conversion of the three major religions to one religion, as well the other world religions and atheists and agnostics to one religion.

7- There will be no doubts when Jesus (PBUH) descend from heaven with angels. Atheists who are very likely thinking now we Muslims and Christians on drugs they will see Jesus with their own eyes.

8- The media and Hollywood will have a rich substance of material at the time of tribulation. Movies will predict history and history will look like movies. Movies will contribute to history and prophecy will be an act of movies. Prophecy to begin with is an act of faith.

9- The poor and oppressed will have hopes and the meek will inherit the earth.

10- We will have a newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other to read and reconsider prophecies.

Sorry to take you away with my exciting thoughts of paranoia. I could be wrong and nothing is happening there. The thing is when it Looks Like A Duck And It Quacks Like A Duck it is Duck, or they say so.


Hanan said...
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Maged Taman said...

We look as we are in the same situation that our messanger Muhammad (PUBH) described to us that we will be oppressed at the end of time everywhere. There is no time in history that Muslims were oppressed and have a lot of injustices like we have today. However, we have to be open to the possiblity that it is not the end of time and it is not a Duck after all.

Hanan said...
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Maged Taman said...

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