Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Investigating Islam.

By: Maged Taman.

The supreme governments of the world has found the Sherlock Holmes of this age. His real name is unknown to us but as the old detective Sherlock Holmes he can solve any mystery. The supreme Governments hired Sherlock Holmes for one year and supplied him with all the resources necessary to his investigation.

After he had finished his work he was invited to an open session to declare his findings to the world and the supreme governments. The new Sherlock Holmes put in his eyes the old fashioned glass an he talked to the audience who were silently and enthusiastically awaiting his report:

I have done my thorough investigation about Islam. I went through all the verses of Quran and I have to go back to the Bible every now and then. I went through the sayings or hadith of the prophet of Islam Muhammad. I have talked to thousands of scholars in both sides of Islam and the Judeo-christian side. I spent thousands of hours in his investigation and thousands of documents have been examined. I even took the opinions of the people studying the paranormals, religions and those were exposed to most religions.

As you may recall the main reason you hired me for this investigation is to find out if Islam from God or not?. You did not ask me to look in the geopolitical or socioeconomic understanding of the Muslim affairs. So do not expect me to do so.

If you are expecting the notion that there is a supreme being to the world and necessity of creation and possibility of this supreme being to contact humans through few of them you can continue to listen to my investigation. If this is hard to you to perceive there is no a miracle in the world will convince you.

I found out that Quran had already talked about that it asks us are you created from nothing or you are the creator?. God even asks the disbelievers if they are sure when he did not show them the creation of the earth and heavens and of themselves. Similarly God challenges us to prove any of the idols to be God. They did not claim themselves to humans through a divine revelation as the Bible and Quran mentioned. No one saw a cow sending letters to people requesting their worship, nor the Sun and the Moon or any other idols. Some humans over the history asked for worship but they were after all humans who eventually have died. We do not expect that they created the heavens or the earth. This is main theme of the Quran which you expect from God declaring himself and denying any other irrelevant.

The Quran linked very well the creation to God or the creator. the logic of Quran stands very well over all ages. The logic of the Quran is simple but profound. There is creation we all can see it, in the Quran you find the most evident in nature the heavens and the earth. There is no one claimed that except the true God. False Gods are created from human imaginations. He proved that he is that one who inspired the Bible and the Quran through prophecies given to his prophets. There were also miracles given to his prophets the everlasting one is the Quran.

God in the Quran asks us if our heart feel comfort by remembering him. He asks us how this come from if he is not he created us with that. The very same reason that we are searching for God is the very same reason he created us this way to look for him. God predicts in the Quran that if we not to do that will be restless and living with a purpose.

God then with strong demand but less than his worship is asking us to follow his straight path and the good deeds and to abstain from sins. He know the human nature and guides us how to avoid sins and how to repent and go back to him.

The statements of the Quran are very logical that they resemble more the laws. They are firm, strong and abiding. he power of God appears in almost every verse.

Can Muhammad had studied human nature and felt that he has the answer about God, spirituality, morality and human problems. If we accept the notion that he made up the Quran we will be faced by huge questions. Why he would jeopardize his life and welfare for a lie that he suffered most of his life for?. Why he would sincerely pray, fast and express very moralistic, honest and integrated personality?. Why people did not tell us about lies that he was known to say before or after Islam. Why he would make honesty as a major issue in his message?. Why he would give the credit to God and not himself?. Why he would ask people to mention him as slave of God?. Why he would glorify a God if he was as a liar? . Why he would provide the stories of the Bible and talk about other prophets even more than he does to himself?. Why he would not do some mistakes as you expect from humans to do. Why he would not agree with the Crucifixion of Jesus so he can win the Christians over?. Why his message would be fear of God and he will not be fearful to lie about him?I can go on and on. The true fact is no one who did not believe the Quran is the word of God was able to give us a convincing evidence of someone else that created the Quran.

This takes us back to the most likely reality that God has inspired the Quran. God preserved the Quran, he challenged humans to come with the like of the Quran. From the first few verses of the Quran he declared this is a message to mankind and people took it this way from very early. The Quran is a prophecy in itself it declared that it will be spread, preserved, unmatched and kept close to Muslims hearts and mind. It did that and it continue to do. It declared in the Quran that God will show us his signs and we will recognize it and he did that. Recent science have proven the scientific statements in the Quran to be right.

Thus we can attack the Quran but to do that we have not to listen to the logical defenses from Muslims. We can choose to ignore the Quran and put a veil over our hearts. People who did that in the past were mentioned in the Quran. We can choose to admire it but do not do anything about it like accepting it and having it our guide to life and the way to eternal happiness.

You choose to investigate the Quran and Islam it is not a privilege to choose not to follow it since you will be asked about that from God. He is the one who choose which message he will protect most and what message we ought to follow.

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