Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Islamic Symposium Hartford, Connecticut (7/4 to 7/6/2008)

By: Maged Taman

This my first attendance to such a conference in America. I am usually a kind of person who do every thing from home politics, religion and other interests. This is my observation about this conference:

1- Well organized.

2- spiritually fulfilling you share your religion with a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds. As Chaplain Yusuf Estes Mentioned we are here because of one man who existed about 1400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

3- Most of the speakers were wonderful, I enjoyed listening to them. I hope I can collect in my site some of the talks.

4- All speakers in common enjoy talking about the truth, the common sense, intellect and spirituality of Islam.

5- The main theme was happiness and peace in Islam. They talked much less about justice for political reasons and rightly avoided the dilemma of the world of politics and policies.

6- I am still amazed by the non-Arab speakers in a way that they came to Islam from very different background or different language. When I read the Quran in my language it is just God word. I red novels, books, literature and so on Arabic but the Quran is very different. The miracle of Quran continue to penetrate even to the mind and hearts of people who were not Arabic speakers. It appears by now most of the Non-Arab Imams master very well the Arabic Language.

7- The American government was sensitive to protect the conference as well not to show significant existence of uniform government service men in the conference.

8- I loved to see the Muslims from all around the world who are mostly living here in America. I was very impressed by the Pakistani who were about 80% of the Muslims in the conference.

9-I loved the Pakistani/Indian food, very delicious.

10- The most cute were the little girls in Hijab look happy to recognize early on their God, religion and Hijab.

11- The bazaar was great give you outlet to recent books, videos and Islamic cloths.

12- The most inspirational is seeing people happy to go to prayers, lectures and enjoy every thing that call them to their religion.

13- The talk of the spread of Islamic religion and its high prospect is inspirational.

14- Talks about culture struggle reminded me of what Christians conservatives who feel and talk about in their Churchs.

15- Amy Goodman the Jewish freedom fighter was there Muslims were following every word she says and praising all her words. She expressed very well that a big movement in Israel is calling for peace that people do not know well about it in the Media.

16- I tried to tell few people about my website, They were quite unfamiliar with it. I do not know if people try to avoid me thinking I am delusional or I am Al mahdi Al Muntazer. I do not care the thing is a lot of people are sharing my message in the Media and Islamic world Justice and Equality.

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