Monday, June 09, 2008

Why Hijab?

By: Maged Taman

I am not an imam or a trained Muslim scholar I am a moderate Muslim. Though I believe that Hijab is ordered by God in the Quran, it is still moderate sin not to wear the Hijab. I do not find it put as clearly a major sin. But I would never give fatwa it is O.K not to wear the Hijab. I would however give fatwa never to enforce Hijab with coercion. Many Muslim women who do not wear the Hijab are respectable women and follow the good of their Islam. However for all of the following reasons I found Hijab is essential to all Muslim women:

1- It is ordered by God in the Quran.

2- It identifies Muslims in the community.

3- Most Muslim women express being proud to wear the Hijab and be seen as Muslims.

4- It does not discriminate or put down non-Muslim women. You see Muslim women mingle with other non-Muslims everywhere.

5- It is a way of dawa or call and reminder to non-Muslims to think and investigate Islam.

6- It is a code of ethics. It says that I am a Muslim so watch me I will do my best to present the good of my religion.

7- It changes the look at women from sexism to good look, beauty and smart mind and behavior.
8- It allows women the flexibility not to care for their hair every day.

9- It gives them the choices to make nice combination of dresses and Hijab. I would not be surprised that one day La Moda or fashion will be Hijab.

10- It give the common ground to Muslim women whatever their ethnicity, color and social status. What Muslim women call it sisterhood.

11- It is the dressing of the best of women Mary mother of Jesus peace be upon them and nuns. Many of Orthodox Jewish women also cover their hair.

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