Friday, June 27, 2008

How we To Spread Islam All Over The World?

By: Maged Taman

Muslims have now to work diligently to spread Islam around the world. This is because it is their main mission from God, their unity and well being is through Islam and their freedom, justice and prosperity will be achieved through Islam. We have to use this program to spread our religion:

1- Explaining the truth of Islam and it is the last message from God.

2- As it appears we are in the end of time we have the power of prophecy that God will spread Islam through us to all the world.

3- Comparative religion particularly with Christians and Jews is a must do now.

4- Sending Quran copies and Islamic information to many non-Muslims. Recently some Muslims sent it to the congress.

5- The power of suggestion, many in the west now think Islam is coming no matter what they do. Let them believe but like it and love it.

6- Jesus should be our favorite topic not only because he is coming soon, but he is coming in mostly a Muslim community to love him, protect him and live under his judgment. We will also attract a lot of Christians who are impatiently waiting for his second coming like us.

7- Let the evangelism spread as well as they do that we will have a unified front by preparing a just and righteous world for Jesus.

8- Many of the Jews will convert to Islam from the prophet prophecies. Most of them are very smart and talented have morals they will help us to spread Islam.

9- Security of Israel is a must not only to negate the effect of fanatic Christians and Jews, but because it is the right thing. God promised them to gather them at the end of time. Both fanatic Christians and Jews are scaring one another that when Muslim will get strong and prevail they will persecute them, which is nonsense since the massage of Islam is harmony between the three major religions.

10- Some Christians consider that El Mahdi is the Antichrist. Ironically they are anxiously waiting for him since his coming herald the coming of Christ. Let us use their misunderstanding of the prophecies and as they realize he is the Elijah to Christ and as prophecies unfold they will follow him or at least will support him.

11- Let us avoid terrorism, extremism and ultra conservatism. The religion is simple ten commandments and major sins. A Muslim woman with no hijab should be dealt with respect and acceptance. New Muslim sinners or those still drink alcohol let us pray for them and await God to guide them and us to the purity of Islam.

12- As we prepare a righteous society with Muslims getting to be better Muslims and non-Muslims becoming Muslims and sound government that provide justice, freedom and prosperity to all of its citizens we will be close to receiving Christ.

13- According to the prophecies the Antichrist or Dajal will try to ruin our plan we do not now if he is a person or a system or more likely a combination of them. We are not give the fine details of the prophecies and some of Hadith about end of time are weak or fabricated. God promised to save the Quran like it is and he did for Hadith the main collectors of Hadith has protected it. The weak hadith could be right but what we asked as Muslims are to do the right thing religiously and geopolitical.

14- We have to learn from the Jews and Christians how to organize ourselves and create a strong and united front.

15- We need to forget about all sects of Islam we only to use the word Muslims. Ahl Al bit or the family of the Prophet and El Mahdi is one of them are great people but no one is close to holiness except the prophets and even though the had fallen in minor errors. We should not fight because of his family but unite to spread Muhammad message to all humanity. He was above any tribe, family, sect---feud. His message is about Islamic faith and brotherhood to all humanity.

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