Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ralph Nader on Croporations.


Ralph Nader on Corporations
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Washington DC is corporate-occupied territory. (Feb 2008)
Obama & McCain differ, but neither takes on corporations. (Feb 2008)
Corporations have too much control over people's lives. (Jan 2008)
Corporations control government; that defines fascism. (Jan 2008)
Citizens' agenda for cracking down on corporate crime. (Oct 2004)
No eminent domain gifts to private enterprises. (Aug 2004)
Legislative "tort deform" for consumers, not corporations. (Jul 2004)
Economic powers control our lives and our elections. (Jul 2004)
Capitalism can lead to fascism. (Jul 2004)
Corporations should not legally be counted as individuals. (Jul 2004)
Giant corporations roam the Earth making people into serfs. (Jul 2004)
Net worth is $3.8 million; owns corporate stocks. (Oct 2002)
Consumerism is about corporations vs. citizens. (Sep 2002)
Shift power from corporations to consumers. (Oct 2000)
Auto Safety

Instrumental in food safety laws as well as auto safety. (Feb 2008)
Auto safety devices are simple & cheap; but take years. (Oct 2000)
Safety regulation works; but Auto Safety Agency sold out. (Oct 2000)
More regulation for auto safety, with criminal penalties. (Oct 2000)
Cancel R&D giveaways to auto industry; let them do it. (Oct 2000)
Gore has given auto industry and other polluters a free ride. (Oct 2000)
Motor vehicles are the greatest environmental hazard. (Feb 2000)
DOT: Focus on safety and mass transit. (Oct 1996)
Automakers avoid replacing internal combustion engines. (Dec 1995)
Consumer Rights

Instrumental in Consumer Product Safety Act and related laws. (Feb 2008)
Help for ordinary people should replace corporate welfare. (Sep 2000)
Address corporate crimes piecemeal AND by revoking charters. (Feb 2000)
Stop giving corporations the same rights as people. (Dec 1995)
Corporate Welfare

Scrutinize even “good” corporate welfare which helps public. (Oct 2000)
Corporate welfare is a function of political corruption. (Oct 2000)
S&L bailout helped bankers & hurt consumers. (Oct 2000)
Rules needed for examining & challenging corporate welfare. (Oct 2000)
Disallow benefits to companies except for public purposes. (Oct 2000)
Stadiums & other local tax abatements ignore small business. (Oct 2000)
Federal regulation of state & local abatements & subsidies. (Oct 2000)
Bailouts: require payback; practice prevention by regulation. (Oct 2000)
Legislation to eliminate all corporate welfare. (Oct 2000)
$1000 bounty for suing for abuse of corporate welfare. (Oct 2000)
Big business influence hurts democracy. (Jun 2000)
Corporate sponsorship turns debates into beer commercials. (Jun 2000)
Corporate government has hijacked political leadership. (Feb 2000)
States & the public should oppose corporate tax breaks. (Apr 1999)
Role of government is to counteract power of corporations. (Apr 1996)
Coined the term “corporate welfare”. (Jul 1995)

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