Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Islam: One Versus None.

By: Maged Taman

It is very important for man to convert to Islam and become a Muslim. It is important for communities to enter Islam. It is important to all of us to submit to God.

Islam is one versus none:
1- It is the one truth versus a lot of falsehood.
2- It is one God versus false idols: humans, cow, fire, stars, myths...
3- It is submission to one God versus submission to false material money, power, possessions....
4- It is one creation versus non (nothing is but created except the creator).
5- It is one straight way of life of Islam versus wrong non-straight ways.
6- It is one Islam versus Islamic sects that were not originally present in early Islam.
7- It is one family of Islam of brotherhood and sisterhood despite different colors, ethnicity, nationalities versus all these divisions.
8- It is one submission to God of all prophets with one message than different messages.
9- It is one submission of all creation including humans to one creator versus submission to other falsehood.
10- It is one mind that created the laws of universe versus idols created out of humans imagination.
11- It is the Sharia or law of God versus different laws, it is the law the Jesus will judge the people with after his second coming.
12- It is one honest story versus a lot of different lies.
13- It is one order of living versus a world of chaos.
14- It is one human community versus struggling multiple communities.
15- It is one kingdom of God versus fruitless kingdoms of humans.

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