Monday, June 30, 2008

Islam is Totally Against Persecution.

By: Maged Taman

If a Muslim persecuted a christian or any non-Muslim he is either an idiot, bully or likely a combination of both. These are the reasons behind my points:

1- The main reason that people followed Islam or converted to Islam after their firm faith it is real is its humanistic nature. In Quran God says that " Do not cut short people's rights". He did not say Muslims, he said people. So all people and all their rights have to be protected.

2- There is no known case that Muhammad (PBUH) persecuted anyone for no reason. The people oppressed and killed Muslims they rightly fought them back. But for peaceful people Muhammad named the minority of people in a Muslim country Zemi "or the people in our protection". In another hadith he said: however attacked a Zemi I declare war on him. In Islam even money was given to non-Muslims and particularly poor non-Muslims. For unbelievers from other religion God ordered Muslims to be dissent to them in Quran God says " God prevent you from fighting those who did not fought you in religion and did not chase you out of your homes to be be generous and just to them God loves the just ones"

3- Islam is a very civilized religion and survived all these years and took over a lot of religions because of its high values and Muslims themselves should be sure that no mean or idiot Muslims to harm Islam by persecuting non-Muslims.

4- A lot of Muslims consider non-Muslims as potential Muslims that we have to work to have people love Islam so they convert willingly to Islam. Even if they did not convert we did the right thing to our religion and to humanity. It is not suitable for the Glory and pride of God to have people unwillingly to convert to Islam.

5- Some people in the west now try to fight hardly the spread of Islam. Some for blind hate and jealous of Islam, some for envy to see Al Mahdi rise. They welcome corrupted and oppressive Muslim tyrants and meantime they stand against the rise of a fair and just man. Many have their souls corrupted and many would trade God for a vanishing materialistic gains. Some for wrong interpretation of prophecies think that Islam is the beast and AL Mahdi the Antichrist of the book of revelation. Give me a break the corrupted oppressive world regimes are the Antichrist no one will be able to deceive God in the day of judgment.

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