Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are the Arab/Muslim Tyrants Muslims?

By: Maged Taman

I personally think they are not. Let me give you some of my reasoning:
1- They care most of their power, control and welfare and not about their people.
2- They will do any thing to stay in power.
3- They oppressed their people for decades.
4- Many of the Jihadi/Extremists came from their prisons.
5- I remember when I was in medical school their powerful police dragged one of them at about 3 am. I could not do any thing for him and I slept like a rat, putting enough covers over my head.
6- Surprisingly this young man was fighting for the ten commandments that the Jews and Christians have in their holy books.
7- God never thought of us to form the purist societies or to be totally sinless but to strive to follow his path.
8- When Moses (PBUH) brought the Israeli to talk to God he brought the best 70 of their men.
9- In order to please God we have to get the best of us in the governments.
10- The Arab tyrants had some news and suspicions that I may be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer for about 4 years or so now. They worked with the west to suppress my voice.
11- They did not confront me and they could not.
12- They even did not let their so called Muslim scholars to talk to me. Even out of interest to question me.
13- They knew that God gave me Taman Health Plan and Moral Utopia project that you can read in my website.
14- Even as a respect to the prophet of Islam they should have tried to see if I am Al Mahdi.
15- I have master degree, Ph.D and three Boards in Medicine. I am very mentally stable and wise person. Ask the people knew me through the years.
16- The American government is very likely knew well who I am. They have nothing against me other wise they would have put me on trial.
17- They know my opinions about the Jihadists. They and the Arab tyrants have created them.
18- They are actually doing their best that people do not know much about me.
19- Though they like to talk about freedom they love their Arba tyrants/slaves who have no one cheap as us to them.
20 The Muslim scholars who are standing with them will answer God in the day of judgment.
21- We are at the end of time listen to many American pastors in America in the night radios. Jesus second coming is in few years. The evidences are just overwhelming.
22- Al jazzera false news was playing the voice of Arab freedom but limited by what the Katar dynasty want. They never answered me or tried to interview me. They do not want the masses to know me.

I mostly do not like to question someone faith, but their sins and injustices are that great that we have to have a conference and find out if the Arab tyrants are Muslims or not. The American government told them I could be El Mahdi Al Muntazer so they did their best to have my name unknown in the Arab/Muslim world.

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