Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brotherhood In Islam.

By: Maged Taman

Muslim Brothers in Egypt is one of the organization of Muslims that knew the values of brotherhood. Though I do not agree with all of its politics I considered it an example of wide base organization for a good and righteous Islamic community.

Muhammad (PBUH) had created the early brotherly Muslim community from fighting Arab tribes.

The characters of brotherhood in Islam was as follows:

1- The best love is the love in God. That is to say all of us are good Muslims and we love each other for following Islam. The morals of Islam and love of God unite all of us.

2- Muslims are like one body if one organ is afflicted other organs are felt for him as the prophet hadith says. This is particularly true with illness like fever and systemic diseases. So Muslims feel for each other.

3- The prophet says who cheat on us is not one of us. This is one of main things that brought about brotherhood. There is no deceive or dishonesty between Muslims. Deceive and dishonesty creates hate and animosity.

4- The prayers in Mosque brings all of us down to our knees to worship God in lines. There is no rich or poor and no famous or unknown we all are equal in God eyes, the best of us is the one who fears God the most. In most of time fears out of respect not out of fear of hell. The one who need to fear it are those who are fighting Islam and doing every thing possible to prevent its spread. They sold their souls for low price or for blind hate and self-deception. They are fighting the strong God of Israel who drowned Pharaoh and his army if you believe the Torah and Quran. When we die and go to grave every one will be on his own he will answer to the angels of God he will leave all the allies, friends and family he will be asked if he had tried to help God message or did stand against it.

5- Zakat which is a percent paid from the rich to the poor break the cycle of money in being in hands of the rich. There is no class war in Islam. Muslims believe that God has created the rich and poor. The poor are accepting that since they were promised to be the first to go to heaven. Meanwhile they accepted for the rich getting richer if they play the market fair and pay their dues Zakat to the poor.

6- Muslims strength is by their unity. The Prophet said that Muslim to Muslim is like the building bricks they cement each other. The unity of Islam is brought about by the unity of Muslims one by one in community.

7- Muslims brothers may look different in their colors, ethnicity and features but their inside is the same. It is full of God love and faith in Islam.

8- Muslims stand together in mishaps, sickness, funerals, weddings.... They are together in the good and the bad.

9- Muslims stand with one another in the right thing. If a Muslim is unjust to non-Muslims he corrects the Muslim. Like the prophet saying "stand with your Muslim brother if suffered injustice or was himself unjust. People told the prophet we know the first how about the second. He said by correcting him to what is right.

10- Islamic brotherhood is not a form of discrimination to non-Muslims. When Islam started it tried to win or at least neutralize non-believers and people of the book but many was envy and hateful to Islam. Islam still considers human brotherhood and the Quran states that God have honoured all the children of Adam :

17:70 (Picktall) Verily We have honored the children of adam. We carry them on the land and the sea, and have made provision of good things for them, and have preferred them above many of those whom We created with a marked preferment.












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