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My name is Zaakira and I want to tell all how becoming a Muslim and accepting Allah has changed my life. I had been introduced to Islam about 6 1/2 years ago by my husband. At the time when we were married I was a Christian or so I claimed to be. He told me that he was not going to pressure me into changing my religion because whatever I decided to do I would have to make the choice for myself and not for anyone else.
It seemed at one point in my life I said I was going to become a Muslim and then I would change my mind I now know that was all work of Shatan. I would look at my so-called friends and see their pretty hair styles, the nice clothing, the fake nails and say now am I ready to give all of this up? I use to drink I really wasn't much of a partier but I had my fun. My husband use to try to tell me this is not the life for you to live. Short dresses and lots of make-up. He would also ask me who are trying to impress me or the rest of the world.
Of the many years we have been married we have seen some hard times and I couldn't see at the time but now as I look back I can now see that I was one the so-called Christians that the pastor would say spoke to God ony when I needed him and the times I felt like I didn't need him it was though he didn't exist at all.
I just recently got out of the military and that meant no more free living we had to pay rent. My husband and I both found jobs in Atlanta, GA but it still didn't seem like enough. We were still having hard times being able to provide for the kids and at times we still didn't know how we were going to pay rent. I worried constantly because I had not just my mouth to feed to two of my four children as well.
I met a sister and her children while we were out one day shopping and I told her that my husband was a Muslim and that he was looking to meet more Muslim brothers. She and I talked and her and husband invited my family over to dinner. I listened to them talk about Islam and I watched them pray but it still just did not seem that it was for me. On one particular occassion my husband and I had no money and our rent was due and I had no one I could turn to and neither did my husband I called the sister to see if she had any suggestion and she said that you and your family can come and stay with us until you can get on your feet. I felt bad because I was like we barely know them and that is the sure way to wear out your welcome. They took us in with open arms and treated us and I now know like family. Allah came to me and showed me how the way of being a Muslim was verses the way of a Christian. He showed me just how much love, support and respect the Muslim community have for each other. I looked at my life how is was at that time and said to myself is this how I want to continue to live my life. Instead of giving myself excuses as to why I haven't changed my life and why I couldn't accept Islam and the day I leave this earth I would leave here as Non-believer. Once I saw what Allah had reveiled to me I knew then that he was giving me another chance and doing the right thing and improving my life. I surprised the sister one day when I told her that I was ready to take my Shaheda and she asked me are you sure that no one is pressuring you and I made it clear to her that no one wasn't that I was making this decision on my own and that I was ready to accept Allah in my life and that I believed that he had no partners and that Prophet Muhammed was indeed his messenger. She was overwhelmed with joy. That night I told my husband and he had a look of shock and concern in his eyes he to wanted to make sure that I was making this decision on my own and that no one was pressuring me. After realizing how serious I was he congratulated me and so that taking of the Shaheda began and here I am. A changed woman a true woman of Islam. I am very happy and so very excited about my new found life that I share everything I know with anyone who wants to know. I can't explain how good I feel on the inside as well as the outside. I could try but I don't think I could fully explain without adding two more pages on to what I have now. I feel as though a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. I now see things and life totally different from the way I use to see it. So many positive doors and changes has taken place in my life and I have no one but Allah to thank for that. I do believe that everything in our lives happen for a reason and was the work of Allah to bring me to that sister that day and for her to open her doors to me and my family because she helped change my life. All I have to say to her is Mashaallah.
As salaamu alaykum

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