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Islamic Unity


Islamic unity has become the most important needs in Muslim society, especially in nowadays situation where the distinction between us is like the earth and the moon. Muslim must understand that one of the highest and most important duty in Islam is, to protect the brotherhood between us, where distinction of birth, rank or position must be neglected because Islam has instruct it in the perfect way for the sake of peace, humanity, happiness and justice for all. There are urging and calls from both Sunni and Shia scholars towards Muslim people regarding unity between them:
Imam Khumayni(ra):
“Muslims the world over, believe in the truth of Islam; arise and gather beneath the banner of tawheed(Oneness of God),and the teachings of Islam,”
“We consider our Sunni brothers as being the same as ourselves, we are brothers to them!”
“We are all brothers, Sunnis and Shias are one, and are all Muslims. They’re with us, If someone says and apposing word, it will cause segregation among the Muslims, and such a person is an ignorant person.”
“There’s no Sunni nor shia but Islam”
Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, in his visit to Iran on 1982, has left an important message towards all Muslim by asking us to unite and he agreed with Imam Khumayni(ra) regarding Islamic Unity. He said:
“I say why you can’t accept the Shia brothers as a fifth madhab. And the astonishing thing is that he (Imam Khumayni(ra) is telling you that he wants to be one with you. He is not talking about being Shia. He is shouting "there is no Sunni nor Shia there is one thing, Islam." But we say to them "no you are different you are Shia." This attitude is a sickness of the devil. He wants to divide us.” [1] –
We can see here clearly that, these scholars didn’t talk from the baseless claims, but from the knowledge which profoundly installed through the Islamic thoughts. Scholars are the heiress of Prophet (pbuh&hf) and it’s obligatory for us to follow the righteous scholars.
As a Muslim, the follower of Muhammad (pbuh&hf), who’s heart without doubt had submitted and confessed onto the oneness of God should never betray the submission, especially when Allah has stated in His holy Quran about all the important rulings for His servant and brotherhood has got its own space in the holy Quran:
“The Believers are but a single Brotherhood: So make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers; and fear Allah, that ye may receive Mercy” [Al-Hujurat: 10]
The one, who has submitted to Allah, won’t lay any single act or word of against on Him and the eminence of His commandment. When Allah stated something in His holy Book, meaning the thing is an important thing which the need on it,is committed with a big cause. Islam is a religion with its main purpose to unite the human beings under one God. If, the one who can see the truth can’t obey this high command from Him, how can he/she impose the truth about Islam to others smoothly without any distortion from the enemies to the teaching of Islam?
Ask ourselves, are we among the righteous person as how Allah swt has mentioned in His Holy Book? If we’re among them, does our wish for our brethrens is the same as how we wish for ourselves or have we ever help our brethrens with our soul, tongue, hands and feet [3]without “staring” to the income that we may receive from him/her?
Let’s take a look on the tradition from Imam Jaafar As-Sadiq (as) regarding brotherhood in Islam:
Aban ibn Taghlab relates: While I was circumambulating the Kaaba with Imam Sadiq(as),one of our friends signaled to me that I should immediately go with him to help him. The imam noticed and said to me:
“O,Aban does he mean you?”
I replied,” Yes,”
“Does he believe in what you believe in?.”
“Then go with him and break your circumambulation”
I asked him if it was incumbent on me to do so. And he said that it was. Then I went with the man to help him, and after doing so I returned to the Imam and ask him about the right of the believers.
“Don’t ask me concerning them,” he said. But I insisted.
“Give your brother half of what you own,” he told me and looked at me. He understood my surprise and said: ”O,Aban! Don’t you know that Allah admires those believers who prefer others to themselves?”
I replied,” Yes.”
“When you give your brother half of what you own, you don’t prefer him above yourself, but only when you give him the other half; you do really prefer him above yourself.”[4]
Glory Be To Allah! The way the tradition indicates about the eminence of brethrens in Islam is beautiful! This is the true manner which is pleased by Allah swt. If only we the nowadays Ummah can imply this act truthfully, surely we will be among the strongest people whom will hold the meaning of peace in Islam righteously and the enemy of justice will be defeated!
As we all notice, the holy month of Ramadan is a special month, and we knew that one of the biggest specialty of the holy month is to unite all Muslim together, to understand,to share and to feel the hardship of the people who live in hardship. We’ve profoundly acknowledge, we’ve been instructed to act as a righteous servant and it is also includes about being good to our brethrens in this holy month.However, how far does our minds and thoughts have understood the meaning of this month? The holy month of Ramadan taught us about being united with each other, but does Allah only wanted us to unite with each other just in this month? Or does it mean we must keep the spirit within Ramadan for the whole of our life? Just take a deep breathe oh,brothers and sisters in Islam. Why should we divide ourselves and follow the roots of Satan?Enemity and hatred is not our way. Its is NOT the way of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh&hf)
Lets explore a tradition from the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf) household, Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq(as)about how should we treat our brethrens:
Once Al-Mua’lla bin Khunays asked Imam Al-Sadiq about brotherhood:
“What does one Muslim owe another?”
“There are 7 duties incumbent upon every Muslim. Should he neglect but one of them, he isn’t a friend or a servant of Allah, and truly he has done nothing for the sake of Allah.” the Imam (as) replied.
“What may these things be?.” asked Mua’lla.
“I feel compassion for you. I am afraid lest you learn them, but you neglect to put them into practice or you cannot. There’s no power but Allah’s.” replied the
Imam (as)
Mua’lla then relates that Imam Sadiq(as),on his insistence, in formed him about the seven duties of all Muslims,as follows;
“1.The smallest duty is that you should wish for your brother what you wish for yourself what you wish for yourself,and that you should wish what you don’t desire for yourself should not befall your brother.
2. Don’t makes your brother angry, but seek to please him and obey his wishes.
3. Help him with you soul, tongue, your hands and your feet.
4. Be his eyes to see with, his guide to lead him and his mirror,
5. Don’t eat your fill when he is hungry, nor drink and clothe yourself when he is thirsty and naked.
6. If he has no servant, but you do, its incumbent on you to send your servant to him to wash his clothes, cook his food and spread out his mattress.
7. Accept his promise and his invitation; visit him when he is sick, attend his funeral, and see to his needs before he asks you, hurrying to do them if you can.”
When Imam Jaafar(as) had finished, he said:
“If you full fill these duties you can call yourself his friend and he will be his friend too.”[5]
Subhanaallah, We the “ordinary” Muslim may find this is so difficult to work on but a true servant of Allah and His lovers will do it through their pure love and intention just for the sake of Him! They will do it for any person whom live under the kalema Al-Haqq,” There’s no God but Allah and Muhammad (pbuh&hf) is His messenger.” We are in one family! The family of the kalemah al-haqq!

The purpose of IslamUnity.Com
In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent And The Merciful,
May Peace Be Upon Prophet Muhammad(saaw),His Holy Household(as),The Prophets(as),His Righteous Companions(as),The Urefa(as),The Martyrs(as),The Truthful Believers(Ha) And The Pure Angels of Allah(as).
Assalamualeikum warah matullahi Wabarakatuh,
IslamUnity.Com is specially dedicated to uphold the message of unity towards the Muslim people around the world. We are only small communities which faithfully believe that only Islamic unity can save the oppressed people from the oppressors whether they’re coming from a believer or unbeliever.
We undoubtly, support those scholars who want the Muslim people to unite under the name of One God, Allah SWT and His Last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh&hf) with all of our heart.
We would love to call our brethren, to forget the pride in ourselves but be as lower as we can because Allah loves humbleness in His servant. The people of truth will try to avoid enmity between human and other creatures and only those who are following his own desires, filling with selfishness, self-conceit and egotism will eagerly keep enmity between others in his heart.
Remember, Allah swt created us only to worship Him, not other than Him. Do not let Satan and his followers trace us with useless disagreement and finally separate us from each other and it can become worst when we may open our own spaces to separate from Allah swt and His Rasul (pbuh&hf)). Just imagine, how can a building stand strong without one of its post?
Take a brief look on the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhhf) when he was a leader of the Islamic nation. Even though the “virus” called Munafeeq was breathing inside the nation, the nation of Prophet (pbuh&hf) on that time never allowed the triumph of slanders to activate the separation because the ummah under the eminence of Prophet (pbuh&hf)’s leadership, put everything that they have just for Allah and His Rasul (pbuh&hf).They acted according to this verse of Holy Quran:
And hold fast, all of you together, to the cable of Allah, and do not separate... (Ali-Imran:102)
Don’t make our eyes to be blinded by ignorant. Don’t hate things that we did not know or understand as it will add our ignorant to the worst stage. If Sunni have doubtness about their Shia brothers thoughts, go and ask them and create a peaceful discussion for the sake of finding the truth, do not let your doubtness to turn on hatred button. In every question there should be one correct answer. For the shia brothers don’t let your arrogant and pride to conquer you, while the Imams(as) that you are following never did such things. We must gain a strong relationship without any distortion. Love, respect and be sincere towards each other for the sake of Allah. The true Muslim is those who have a beautiful akhlaq(manners).Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf) has become the most great and a successful servant because of His beautiful manners and for his(pbuh&hf) beauties, he had received Allah’s praises in the Holy Book Quran. We may not be as success as him (pbuh&hf),but to follow him(pbuh&hf) is obligatory for all muslim.
IslamUnity.Com has put all the hopes so that, the Muslim ummah will unite once again and our distinction from each other will disappear. We must create a revolution for the unity between us.
We fully support any movement or individual whom are working on this great effort
United Ummah revolution is our mission, May Allah will be pleased with our effort, we love Him, and because of Him we want all of this to be happened.
“Let the tyrant, the Oppressors and the enmity fall down under the united ummah!”
Remember us in your prayers,

IslamUnity.Com Team,

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