Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dani: Convert To Islam.


My husband and I are both Americans. My husband is caucasian and I am caucasian and American Indian mixed together. The reason I start this page by telling you that, is that when I first meet a person and they realize that I am a Muslim, they always ask, "Is your husband an arab?" On the face of it that seems like a very rude question, but here in America that is the usual assumption due to our media and in part, our culture. Once they find out that we are both converts to Islam, people just can't believe it.
Since you probably linked here from our Autism site, you know that for a long time I went through a period of searching for truth. My husband stood by and watched as I joined one religion after another. I started out as a Catholic, attended Catholic school, everything. Then I became a Buddhist since I was really disillusioned with the whole Catholic belief system. Then I became aware the Buddhism was definitely not the truth, I joined up in a Pentacostal movement.
What attracted me to this particular movement was their belief in Oneness. The only problem being, that in this church they taught that Jesus (PBUH) was actually God. This always didn't sit right with me, and I began to worry that once again, I hadn't found what I was looking for. But I knew that I could not return to a triune belief system. I just knew that there is only ONE GOD. Over the years, I had seen Muslim women walking around, but I was always too afraid to approach them.
Finally Allah (SWT) made a way for me to find the truth. I had a woman who watched my children for me while I was in nursing school. One day I brought up the subject of religion and she told me she was a Muslim. I never would have guessed such a thing. Well I began asking her questions, but she didn't really have the in depth answers I was looking for. Around this time I saw an ad in the paper for a speech to be given at the University of Riverside called "From behind the Veil" it was about women in Islam. My friend and I went and I was amazed that the speaker was an American woman. I couldn't believe it. I was so moved by the speech and my experiences that I said my Shahada that very night.
This was in March of 1997. Since then of course my husband has also become a Muslim and we both are very happy. There are sometimes that I feel a little out of place since we are both Americans, we don't speak Arabic, and so are a little self conscious when we are at the Masjid. I have a Quran with English in one column and the Arabic on the opposite side. Culture-wise it is a huge jump for us, it's not impossible to bridge the gap but it takes alot of understanding and humor at times to make it through.
I am new to Islam myself, so please do not judge Islam or Muslims by this page alone. All errors are mine, as Allah (SWT) and Islam are perfect.

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