Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The Spirit of Understanding

By: Maged Taman

The Jews came to the promised land for a noble cause, for God to redeem the world. I was astonished despite my good understanding of the politics of the area to only know this information that late in my life. This also made me understand for the first time the good deeds and the humanistic attitude of the Jews and their lead in most organizations that promote justice, human rights and human progress.

I was talking to myself at one point that the world needs a moral revolution and I thought the Jews ought to lead it. Then few months later after I learnt about the Messiah and I realized that it is an important part of their faith. Which for God wisdom made them over the centuries to wait and do the good in the world like the Messiah would come at any second. No doubt a lot of them are God chosen people. I have no doubt that God will redeem the world for them.

Like every race and religion there are good and bad people but if there is a morality per capita equation they no doubt will have the highest score. Morality of Muslims and Arab is down because of the severe repression and poverty. There is no raw models and in most places you find a little tyrant that control the work place. Same political system runs even in work places the weak is oppressed by the strong and the well connected.

In Quran God had promised the Jews: "And if the promise of the end of time comes we will gather you from all around". It is the end of times and both Muslims and Jews have to come together and forget about the past. Both have the right of the land and Both are God's servants. Both fought for the land. Let us start the era of peace that the prophets had promised us.


Mamdouh Elhowety said...

Maged ,

God didn't promise the Jews any land , rather He promised the Israelites ..huge difference ..for all Israelites are Jews but not every Jew is an Israelite ..

God re-named Jacob to Israel( in Hebrew it means " ruler with God's law" ) for the sole purpose of defining roles according to obedience and not according to race .When the Israelites failed to carry out their duties they were replaced by others who upheld God's wishes and became the new and improved Israelites of their time : the Muslims.

Maged Taman said...

I am not sure that Muslims are the improved version. I beleive there are good people and bad people in every religion, race and country. The fact is in every one of us the good and evil. We all can improve. We lost our rights of finding good and fair governments in our countries thinking about Israel. The Arab tyrants and media made it our lives' struggle so we can not direct our attention to the rotten corrupted regimes, with tiny exceptions. A Jew has the right to beleive that he came to the promised land for God's promise. We have to have the spirit of understanding and worked out together.

Mamdouh Elhowety said...

Hello Maged,

The Islam i'm talking about isn't Hosni Mubarak's or that of some wealthy Gulf sheikh's , rather it's that of early Muslims - the true followers of the Prophet (PPBUH)- who taught the Europeans ( "Jews" included) how to become decent human beings after the conquest of Spain .Our history is indeed bright & and I have zero doubt about our future , we just need the hearts and minds of today's Muslims to come back to the true spirit of Islam ..

Mamdouh Elhowety said...

And oh by the way , a Jew has no right to kick a Palestinian out of his/her house just because he/she thinks Jews are God's chosen ones for that house..that's simply absurd ..say hello to the "spirit of understanding " for me when you see "Shlomo" living in an Arab house simply because he's a Jew , while the rightful owners are in some tent down by the river !

Maged Taman said...

There are a lot of people in the west Jews and Chrisitans that are looking to turn the page on this history of the Middle East. A lot of politics and policies were bad in this area. We have to play it smart to get a new understanding and change in the Arab and Muslim worlds. Read the third structure in my blog. Going in war with the west and Israel means the destruction of our world. With playing smart politics will get just and peaceful coexistance that we need them to live and to spread our Islam. Keeping everyone pride and ego untouched as we reform the world should be the aim of any leader who would be able to change the world.