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Hedaya/Guidance belongs to Allah


By: Majnoona El Muhammad.

“Those whom Allah (in His plan) willeth to guide,- He openeth their breast to Islam; those whom He willeth to leave straying,- He maketh their breast close and constricted, as if they had to climb up to the skies: thus doth Allah (heap) the penalty on those who refuse to believe”.(Al-An’am:125)Allah,Al-hadi is the most powerful and merciful. Therefore Allah has His right to give His guidance to anyone whom He wanted. Hedaya means “To lead and to guide.” From it also comes the word Hadiyyah, which means, “present or gift.” Hedaya, or Guidance, is the gift of the Creator to His creation. Whoever, once had received His guidance, his heart will be in widened tranquility and Allah will encourage him to His path. While those who are rejected from receiving Allah’s guidance, he will always be in confusion, and his heart will be pour with “disease”. This is how Allah treated those who forbid himself from following Allah’s path.

Hedaya/Guidance belongs to Allah
Hedaya is the light of guidance from Allah s.w.t to any person whom Allah had wished to give.It is a light which will show his servant towards His true path. Through hedaya one who disobeys Him will turn into the follower of His path. Example, Caliphate Omar (ra), before his conversion to Islam, he was among the people who strongly against our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the Muslims on that time.As Allah wishes had befall on our Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Islam, Caliphate Omar(ra) embraced to Islam in such a beautiful and simple way.His heart were melted towards Islam like the burning candle when he heard his sister’s recitation of the Holy Quran.From the event of Caliphate Omar(ra) conversion to Islam,we shall conclude that hedaya or guidance from Allah s.w.t ,plays a big role in each individual life. If Allah had wished that His guidance will not fall on a person, the person will always be on the path of illusion or away from the reality of Allah’s path. His heart is closed for any invitation towards Allah’s path. We shall take Abu Jahal as an example as he is among those whom Allah had neglected to give His guidance:“Is one whose heart Allah has opened to Islam, so that he has received Enlightenment from Allah, (no better than one hard-hearted)? Woe to those whose hearts are hardened against celebrating the praises of Allah! They are manifestly wandering (in error)!”(Az-Zumar:22)

Here is the list on the differences between a person whom Allah’s hedaya had befallen on him and a person whom did not receive Allah’s hedaya.

A Person With Allah’s Guidance
1. Truthfully accept Allah’s attributes and hold on the faith strongly through mind and heart.
2. Changing to the better manners and holding a noble personality.
3. Always submit with good deeds for himself and others.
4. He Own a tranquil.peace and soften heart.

A Person Without Allah’s Guidance
1. Keeping himself to be in darkness and blackened path.
2. Performing bad deeds.
3. Hating the good deeds and easily fall into evil traps.
4. Tranquil, peaceful and soften heart doesn’t belongs to him Human has no power to give hedaya/guidanceOnly Allah is able to give guidance to human. Muslim people must keep gaining their faith, if they wanted to have hedaya from Allah. Hedaya can become ours if we search for it sincerely. As it is stated in Surah Az-Zumar” Is one whose heart Allah has opened to Islam…” means that Allah has put His light in the heart of the person whom had received His guidance. Whenever the light of Allah had fallen into the heart of the one He had choose to own His guidance, the enlighten hearth will be clean from any evil activities, where it will change the person into a different person ,contra from his old self be it physically or spirituality.

Here is the list of a few criteria which we could mark up from the people with the enlighten heart:
1. His heart is always encouraging him towards the hereafter matters.
2. Loyal in obeying Allah’s command.
3. Performing the goodness and forbidding the badness.
4. Always being away from Satan's manifestation.
5. Preparing himself with ebadah to face death.

(1)However, the unbelievers, transgressor, betrayer, Islam’s hater, dictator and hypocrites are the groups of people who are on the path of evil i.e a group of people with the darkened heart. There are also a few criteria which we could recognize from these groups :

1. Arrogant and rejecting the truth.
2. Hating Islamic rules and Allah’s s.w.t command.
3. Distress towards muslim and setting the muslim as their enemy.
4. Always finding ways to destroy Islam.
5. Hating the group of people who obtain religious acts i.e scholars.The One with Allah's hedaya, his life will be meaningful and his life will be filled with blessings and mercy from Allah the Almighty.The sweetness of faith and a clear vision of life will strongly wrap the one with enlighten heart. He will always striving on the way of Allah and will keep on working to succeed in this world and hereafter. The closer he get to Allah, the more he gain his rank beside Allah. His good relationship with Almighty will affect his relationships with others i.e. family friends or anyone in a good way.The importance of hedaya/guidanceHedaya from Allah is much important to each individual because, hedaya is the guider towards the reality of life i.e. Allah s.w.t. Hedaya is the light for us to be the true servant in performing our duties on what Allah had stated for His servant. Without hedaya, we will drown into the sea of evilness and we will perish by the seal of ignorance.We should always pray to Allah and ask for His guidance to befall on us. Following His order righteously without any doubt,sacrificing ourselves for Him, and enjoin the good deeds and forbid the bad deeds upon others are the keys towards His hedaya.ConclusionAllah’s servant cannot give guidance to anyone. Hedaya is the biggest neamah from Allah s.w.t for His servant. Without hedaya, human will never find the way of life.If we wanted to have hedaya we must search for it until we found it as hedaya will lead us towards the reality of life,Allah.

Notes:[1]Every breathe that we take is a step towards death-Sayyedina Ali(ra)©majnoona el muhammad

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