Sunday, July 08, 2007

Faith As Simple As One, Two and Three.

The way to God, faith and religion is a simple. Three questions need to be answered and you are there:

1- Is there a God or no God? Just look at the very large universe and the smallest of atoms and you will find a very intelligent design to the world. No chances and no random in the order of universe. The DNA with arrangements of the amino acids is very complicated and intelligent process.

2- What we follow a religion from God or man-made religion? the bible and Quran what we call the scripture have in common the genesis of man, the fall from heaven of Adam and Eve, the evil Satan, the prophets, prophecies, the ten commandments and the same notion of spreading God message and to live by his ways and laws.

3- Is Quran From God? We have three choices either Quran is from God or made by Muhammad or Satan inspired him. Read the verses to yourself and go through the Quran or go in many in may articles in the blog. Quran is the word of God for a lot of reasons.
1- The one who is the speaking to us talks in greatness and power that you feel he is a great God.
2- It has no single letter changed over 1426 years.
3- The millions of people who can recite you the Quran or long chapters from their memory even children is unmatched buy those who memorize the bible.
4- The linguistic miracle of the Quran is unparalleled.
5- The scientific miracles are astonishing.
6- The high moral value and the same just God of the bible.


Mamdouh Elhowety said...

Hello Maged

Speaking of scientific miracles of Holy Quran , here's one for you : i was once reciting Sura AlHadeed ,and i asked myself ..why in surah 57 and verse 25 did Allah (Subhannahu wa taala ) choose to tell us about the " sending down of Iron " given that there are 6236 veses and 114 surahs why right there and not in some other spot? ..i did some research and i was amazed ..

Translation: Quran[57.25] We have sent Our Messengers with proofs, and sent them with the Book and the Scales, so that people might establish the Scale (of justice). We have sent down iron in which there is great might and diverse benefit for people, so that Allah knows those who help Him and His Messengers in the Unseen. Indeed, Allah is the Strong, the Almighty.

Please note that the numbers 57,25 literally bracket two identifying numbers for Iron :
******** 26 ---------> Atomic number
******** 56 ----------> Atomic weight

Surah 57 ( 56 /26 ) verse 25
Surah 57 ( talks about Iron ) verse 25 ...Since Iron in numbers = ( 56 & 26 )

Atomic Number and Mass Number
The atomic number of an element is what distinguishes it from all other elements. An atom's atomic number is the number of protons there are in the nucleus. Hydrogen's atomic number is 1. Helium's atomic number is 2. Any atom that has an atomic number of 1 is a hydrogen atom no matter how many electrons or neutrons the atom has.

The mass number is the number of neutrons added to the number of protons. The mass number of the most common isotope can be obtained from the periodic table. If you take the decimal number on the periodic table and round it to the nearest whole number, you have the mass number. For example the atomic weight of Iron(Fe) is 55.847. When rounded it gives a mass number of 56.

Was it a lucky guess on Prophet Mohammed's part?

Do you suppose that meterotites fall from space with their ATOMIC NUMBERS & WEIGHTS WRITTEN ALL OVER THEM ..? ..

Was it a sroke of luck?

Number of Surahs in Holy Quran = 114
Number of verses in Holy Quran = 6236

Therefore :
The possibility that the Quran mentioned " Iron" in that very spot by luck is :
1/114 x 1/ 6236 = 1.4 in a million !!

For those who still doubt Islam & claim that Prophet Mohammad PPBUH had no miracles ..the Holy Quran was/is that miracle ..


Maged Taman said...

Thank you Mamdouh:
It is amazing how a book that came to us 1427 years ago would predict the scintific future and discoveries. When I red this verse I was talking to myself exactly like you. I knew God would not make mistakes by using a word that less accurate. Then later I discovered that it is amzingly accurate word. I think the Muslims at the time of Muhammad (PBUH)had the overwhelming evidences of his truthfulness that they would not qurstion any word of God like we do ourselves. Thanks God he leads us to be more certain about his glorious Quran.

Maged Taman said...

This is to illustrate my point.

25- We have surely sent our messengers with clear signs, and sent with them the Book and the Balance, so that man may stand by justice; and We sent down the iron, wherein there is strength, and many benefits for the people.
57. The Iron, 25

The verb “inzal” in the Quran is usually used to describe the action of coming from above the earth. The verb “inzal” refers to the fact that a creation in the world has taken place following an event exterior to the earth. The temperature of the earth was not sufficient, at the beginning, for the formation of iron. Not only the earth, but even a middle sized sun like ours did not have the heat necessary for the formation of iron. That is why iron must have come to our planet from outer space, as well as to the entire solar system. The iron we have in our planet today must have come to our solar system from other suns which had higher temperatures favorable for the formation of iron. To allude to iron, the Quran uses the verb “inzal” to explain its origin is the space.

Mamdouh Elhowety said...

Hello again Maged ,

I did debate with some Christian and Jewish fanatics over the extra-terrestrial origin of Iron being mentioned in the Holy Quran , all i got back from them was this : "(Prophet) Mohammad could've seen it in the Mecca desert after a meteor shower "(!!)..

THat's why i didn't mention it in my previous post ..

good day