Monday, June 25, 2007

Women who have Embraced Islam: Sara


Women who have Embraced Islam: Sara

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim a salaam alaikum wa ramatullah wa barakatu

I was asked to write a story of how I came to Islam. Unlike many converts, it didn't come to me directly. I took a six year spiritual "journey" of sorts before realizing that Islam is the true religion.

My first exposure to Islam was as a child, during the Iranian revolution. I was frightened and intrigued by what I thought Islam was, by the black clad women I saw on television. In 1991, during the Gulf War, our school decided to teach the students about Islam and the Muslim, because some people thought it was a Christian-Muslim war.
Coincidentally, a boy in my class was from Pakistan, and I think it was near the month of Ramadan. I would ask him questions about Islam, and the Muslims, and he answered me, and then directed me to the Qur'an. I bought the Dawood book from Penguin, but found it hard to follow.

But I did read other books about Islam, and thought it sounded good. The belief in the Oneness of God matched mine, since I'd never believed in the Trinity. And reading that Jesus was a prophet (pbuh) instead of the Savior was like having a light bulb turned on, "THAT'S IT!" I liked that Islam is about me and God, without the priesthood, the intercession, the fancy ceremony. I have always known that Islam was more than the media myths and stereotypes...
Trying to learn what lay beyond them proves to be a daunting task in this country. Sometimes I became busy with other things, college, family life... and although I never forgot about Islam, I didn't study as much as I had earlier. A few months ago, I decided to do a website on "other" religions in the USA, and Islam was one of the religions I decided to include. I went online to find good links of Islamic info... and never got around to doing anything else.

My faith was reborn, and I realized that what I wanted was to be a Muslim before I died, and to raise my child in the truth of the Islamic faith. I made some connections, got in touch with a sister in my area, and took shahada in Sept. 1997 Allah (swt) and Islam are constantly in my mind.

Everyday I read more and more of my Qur'an, and learn more and more about my religion. Before, I did things for myself or for no particular reason at all. Now, I remember that everything I do, is to Serve God, and that the reason I am able to do it is the will of Allah. (swt) My love for Allah (swt) and my fellow Muslims and others in general has increased a thousand fold. The love of Allah (swt) can't be measured... The love of Allah (swt) that you have as a Muslim is so immense and beautiful, that I wish I could share it with all mankind. Thank you.

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