Thursday, June 07, 2007

Religion Makes Sense.

By: Maged Taman

Non-religion or atheism never made sense to man even in his simple pre-civilized or stone ages (yes humanoids or prehumans were found to have left evidences of their worship). Man either had religion that sent to him from God by prophets or he made up his own religion. Why is that, more simple than the sophisticated arguments of atheists:

1- Law of Creation: every thing created has a creator. Our simple logic can accept and request a creator to the creatures. In other words in our world laws it is necessary to believe that every thing created has a creator. When we leave this world laws to the creator himself there is a new logic and God does not follow the law he created to the world. Most people can live with this fact but they can no live with a creation with no creator.

2- The Good and Evil: it follows the logic that a creator who requested us to do the good and condemn the evil does exists. It makes sense that the evil is another strong power or Satan.

3- The First sin: the creation of Adam and Eve and the jealous of Satan and his temptation to sin against God and getting Adam and Eve out of heaven to earth makes good sense. The continuation of his temptation with evil to their offspring was a promise he made and he kept. God had promised that the righteous who follows his path will resist Satan and will be promised his heaven.

4- Man's will: if you drop something from your hand it will fall. It is as easy as it is, it follows the law of gravity. Everything in the world follows the laws of cosmos. It is only humans who have the will to do the good or evil, to small extent animals. So it is only humans that were chosen by God to have the will to do his work in earth (the good).

5- Spiritual feeling: Man has these feelings towards a creator that he need to talk to, to worship and find his heart comforted by praying to him. It can not be just another big chance.

6- Supra natural causes: though with advancement of science we have closed much on science that supra natural had diminished much. It is still every human experience about feelings of imminent things that many times happen and visions that come true.

7- Salvation: most religions believe in one or two saviors that they will conquer the evil for the good. It is quite logical for this to happen in the last millennium of creation when people are advanced in science and communication. But salvation will need humans to go back to God to follow his commandments and win the battle for themselves. Guidance of God is essential, since humans are unable by themselves to have salvation and uniform peace. But God walks with us if we walk back to him. Are we ready to step out of our greed, love of power and wicked minds.

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