Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Muslims Unity.

By: Maged Taman

Muslims ought to unite not to have supremacy over the world, but to see justice and peace spread all over the world. The first thing I tried to do when I decided to talk politics in America is to unite the American politicians. I sent to news media my opinions. I was a dreamer, the guys just enjoy fighting one another. My aim was to unite them around President Bush so they can spread nice and fast democracy in Iraq then we can see the dynamo effect and the spread of freedom in the whole Middle East. At that time President Bush proposed the Great Middle East project. He faced like me the reality in the ground that the Arab tyrants are just too strong and meek. Indirectly, they scare the Americans of oil cut off and that Muslim extremists will take over the Middle East and they will attack Israel. Some people from the Christians rights particularly prophecies readers warned him of the rise of Islam the Anti-Christ force. At least that what I see from their writings. Anyway there were a big vacuum after Saddam filled with sectarian violence and Jihadists who are fighting any one at any time for any reason and with no plan before they die as supposedly martyrdom.

It is clear that the west have hard time to solve the problems of Muslim world. Here comes our duties as Muslims to do it. We have to unite:

1- We have to cancel the Sunni and Shia divisions. We learned Islam from the Quran and Sunna. Muslims by definition are Qurani and Sunni. Shia are biased to the prophet family or Ahl Albiet. No doubt they are great people but they are in the same time normal people. Even Al Mahdi who will be from the family of the prophet will be an ordinary man that God guides him and unites Muslims around him. He is not a holy man or superman. He is a good man with his main convection is justice to every one Muslim and non-Muslim. His justice would be what made God choose him for. Justice fills people hearts with satisfaction and make them see no reason not to live in peace.

2- All other sects of Muslims have to cancel itself. Sufi can be regarded as Muslims with more spiritual inclination and not really separate sect from Islam.

3- Muslims then have to play down their race. Black , White or yellow Muslims have no meaning in Islam. Muslims have only one race Islam.

4- Muslims have to down play their countries. There is no nationalism in Islam. God said this is your nation is one and I am your God worship me. You can miss your country and love it but do not worship your country, worship God. Some presidents want their people to be nationalistic and it they are not supporting their government they are not patriotic. Islam is one nation and has on God. Muslims do not worship kings, presidents or even Caliphs.

5- Muslims Arab and non-Arab Muslims all have to unite.

6- It would be great if we have one leader as Imam Al Mahdi that all of us turn to. However until God decides that we have to prepare our self to be able to unite and keep his seat until he joins the conference of our unity.

7- Meantime we should not let people feel that the unity of Islam is a threaten to them.

9- In fact we have to encourage the unity of Christians, Jews and other religions. The more united the people the less the conflicts and feud that would happen.

10- No doubt that there are people who are against the Muslim unity, the Arab leaders are the main obstacle. If God wants our unity no one will be able to stand against him.


Hanan said...
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Maged Taman said...

Well said, that is why I suggested the New World Order. The world need new political and financial system. However, the powerful and connected would not let this happen. That is why I am waiting for Imam Al Mahdi or a second Ronald Reagan. Meanwhile I can give ideas to people and open the dialogue of civilizations.