Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why true Muslims are the Best for Leaders to Govern.

By: Maged Taman

When you go to many Muslim countries now you find a lot of Muslims but no Islam. I met one day a British woman who became a Muslim. Listen to this, when I asked her how she became Muslim. She said "I lived in one Arab country and I was wondering why Muslim conditions are inferior. I red the Quran and I ended up to be a Muslim.Why good Muslims are the best to govern:

1- People who fear God all times do not need much laws. Their kindness and honesty will make their interactions just and smooth.

2- No injustice from them to other minorities.

3- No social problems of alcoholism, drug addiction, dysfunctional families, gangs and violence.

4- They will comply well with the system of government since many are the same as the morality of their religion: keeping clean streets, avoiding noise, taking care of the poor beside the government, do their work with sincerity....

5- Islam is against upraise except in significant oppression and injustice.

6- Democracy in Islam allows the mainstream moderates to flourish.

7- They will not impose their laws on other communities.

8- Morality is infectious, so they likely to spread morality to other communities.

Simply politicians will not have much headache with this community. In fact coexistence with Muslims should be quite attractive.

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