Monday, June 04, 2007

Muslims Apostates Are Invited Back To Islam.

By: Maged Taman

Muslims apostates are embraced well now by the west. Mainly for political reasons they think they will help the campaign against conversion of Non-Muslims particularly Christians to Islam. They can also help to open the field for Muslims to convert to Christianity. The west have the right to do that as we have the right to explain well our religion and convert people to Islam.

The way I look at those apostates is that:

1- The is no compulsion in religion and you have the right to worship what God you like. As it is clear from the Quran.
2- Islam is not a blind faith. When you read the Quran you feel that God is arguing with you and making a strong case of his existence and of the truth of Quran.
3- So Muslim is looked at by God as a state of mind that can turn from faith to disbelieve so he is calling him all the time not to give in for Satan inspirations.
4- The call is both mental and spiritual.
5- A lot of Muslims had went through some questions about their faith. Most of time they do that inside their mind. The overwhelming reasoning of the Quran and the difficulty to think that it is made by human or Satan led people to hold strong to their faith.
6- Moustafa Mahmoud a great Muslim thinker went through atheism. A good Friend of him described him as atheist on the Sajada (the prayer carpet). Later he became a faithful believer and a caller to Islam.
7- Actually God talk to you in the Quran as if you could be atheist, agnostic or believer. He makes his case to you. He let you decide to yourself.
8- So you have the right to raise questions and ask for answers. You have the right to satisfy your searching mind.
9- The same questions that run by our mind like Jihad, the polygamy of the prophet, the allowance of 4 wives, beating wife...... and so on has been examined over and over and answered. There are a lot of articles in my blog answer that.
10- When my searching mind raises a question about Islam I look back to good Muslims I know and how Islam made them good and dissent human beings.
11- There is no doubt there are controversies in Islam but when you reason it will you will find the answers.
12- There is in Islam a strong fear of God which apostates make it to appear as tyranny. The fact is the threatening of God of hell fire is a blessing to all of us. It makes the worse of us and the tyrants that oppressing and torturing people to know that there is a just God who will revenge for the poor of us. If you fear God not because of hell let it be. A lot of good people like Sufi worship God not for fear or longing to heaven but for his love.
13- Apostates find that extreme Islam is the real version of Islam and they warn the west about it. The fact is extreme Islam is started in many places in the dark jails of the oppressor tyrants. They are extreme response to extreme oppression.
14- Apostates have a great forgiven God if to come back to Islam. If you choose to abandon Islam you need to be 100% that it is false. It is too dangerous to gamble by your eternity.
15- One of the apostates confidently believe in Islam as evil hateful religion and some Muslims made his case by sending him hate e-mail. Muslims have to control their anger I now God and the prophet comes before our families and if one of our families attacked you will be quite angry. We have to be cool headed so we can win the war of hearts and minds.
16- Same apostate was putting a sum of money to the one who can disprove to him that the prophet Muhammad (BPUH) was a pedophile, rapist and assassin. When some one accused in the west of crime the investigators have to prove this crime. Did this apostate attend the wedding of Muhammad and his wife Aisha. No single Muslim would think the prophet married her unless she was a mature woman. Abu Baker her father one of the most honored men in Islam and history would not accept that. He then said that Muhammad ( PBUH) raped Safia another wife. He said that with no proofs. It was clear that she was his wife willingly and no sound Muslim or even non-Muslims would believe he did that. The prophet was assassin. Muslims do kill people in declared wars. If people kill them they fight back. He also mentioned that he is a looter. The normal consequences of war were looting the other side property. These were the roles of engagement at that time.
17- We Muslims have to learn from Muhammad his enemies were after him every day either by their tongues or forces and he taught us how to conduct the religious and state affairs despite all these distractions.
18- We have to call for apostates to come back to Islam and save their eternity. There are nothing new in the accusations against Islam. Muslims had learnt to go back to Quran and read it deeply to realize the truthfulness of their religion whenever their faith challenged.
19- Muslims have to use the wisdom of Islam in recruiting back these apostates. We should do it as a mercy and not consider them hateful enemies. Many of them bought the arguments of some people in the west.
20- Whenever my faith is challenged I go back to answer the arguments, read the Quran and remember the sincere prayers of my mother and father and the good dissent Muslims whom Islam made them real humans.


Hanan said...
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Maged Taman said...

The prophet cared about the infidels who were persecuting him. He was patient with them and he was praying for them. The hypocrites who were even worse who said they were Muslims and were stabing Muslims in the back he prayed for their leader as he was dying. The amazing thing about Islam you find some on the top of Muslims leaders were enemies of Islam. So do not give up hope in anyone if we can convert or revert a human to Islam we have saved his soul. God promised us that Islam one day will be the religion of the whole world and I beleive that.

Hanan said...
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