Friday, August 16, 2013

Open speech to the Muslims brothers

By Maged Taman

Time to quit, I advised you not to go with this uprise. First the secular gyus are very connected and like the time of Mubarak they know how to use the media and the governement for their control. I advised you beforehand not to go in this uprsie and you do not listen. Your best bet was the next election in few months. For you to rely in America
 is a very big joke to me. They were just using you so they can have a strong Muslims group to fight Al Qadea. All along I told the Qada do not fight America but the wicked nation of Isreal. A lot of Americans believe that America is controlled by Israel and the wicked Jews who control the world and every thing. If Al Qada to attack Israel a lot in America will be happy. This will even break the tie between the Americans and Israel. I doubt much Al Qada made 9/11. Attacking Israel is the real Jihad millions of Muslims died because of them including the Iraq war that the pro-Israel Jews made it and Americans Christians paid for by their blood and money. To Muslims brothers foregt about the Seculars in Egypt who will never fight Israel. Your target should be Israel. Time to join Al Qada even secular Muslims say that Jihad is in Palastine. I know the seculars will never do Jihad and if you ask them we are in the end of time they will tell you no. Get out of the streets in Egypt and for God sake be smart for one time and join Al Qada and destroy the wicked nation of Israel.

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