Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jihadists and Non-Jihadists Follow Me and Leave Ben Ladin

By: Maged Taman

This is a call to all Jihadists everywhere as well regular Muslims. The message is simple: follow me and leave Ben Ladin, El Zwahiri and El Qaeda leaders. Why should you do that for these reasons:

1- Though I agree with them in their anger about the tyrants and the west and all the wrong policies over the years ( please see my articles the third structure and why the Muslims and Arabs despise the American policies in my web site) I am different I can reshape my anger into successful plans.

2- Though, I was against them in my country I was a single person and I had no leaders or followers but now I feel bold and can criticize them, the tyrants and the west. Besides God is supporting me with ideas, guidance and resolve.

3- I have nothing to loose I was already in oppression in my country and discrimination in America. I am actually going against all enemies and I feel happy doing that.

4- I do not care If I die like a man, I lived for long time like a rat. It is actually the time to die like a man.

5- God however wants us to be smart, he does not like us to threw ourselves in fire. He wants us to be smart in getting his victory in earth and glorifying him.

6- The change may be coming in America I am excited about that. However, we do not know how long this change will take and if it will extend to us in the Muslim countries or this for media consumption. We have to give the Americans the benefit of doubt and meanwhile we do what is in our interest.

7- I could be El Mahdi Al Muntazer, I do not know I have his physical appearance as the prophet described him and I have Taman Health Plan that God gave to me and the Americans were looking for it for over 90 years and other grand ideas as well. It solve basically most the Americans problems including the economy read it in

8- I believe more that the guidance is already in the Quran, we have to follow it and God will guide us to our freedom and salvation.

9- I have a lot in America and the west who believe in my ideas and will help us in our struggle. They want us first to take the right and strong direction so they can offer help.

10- Our struggle is not a military one but ideological one, though having people like me who are willing to die for a good cause will make our struggle serious and meaningful.

11- We do not need to fight but we need to make it clear that we are willing to fight for our freedom. More important numbers conquer brevity it is time for us to outnumber the tyrants. We will be able to get in our side people around them from political systems, intelligence, army and police. Let us overwhelm them.

12- You do not need to be Jihadist to follow me all of Muslims can follow me. Do not be afraid this is not a trap. I do not work for the CIA. If anything they wanted to harm me because I am against the tyrants their Friends. However a lot of good people in America in the CIA, FBI, politic , Media and Hollywood are supporting me. How do I know I communicate with a lot of people with visions, just kidding. Besides as you see my blog is in the Internet alive and well, a lot of good people are supporting me behind my back.

13- My gift to the American people is Taman Health Plan if they would not support the tyrants through their politicians like in the old days and let me free my people. I call Taman Health plan the plan of freedom.

Thus if you are Jihadist or non- Jihadist join me so we can make plans for our freedom. I have to make it clear I do not dictate what Muslims should do but I consult with them what we have to do and what the guidance of God is. If you are interested E- mail me

Let us form a new powerful and united front that can free Muslims and have new free and just world Let us call it El Mahdi Project. Sunni, Shia and all Muslim sects are welcomed as well all organizations. Non-Muslims who would like to support me in my task are also welcomed.

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