Sunday, March 16, 2008

How Extremists Are Undermining Our Efforts To Change The World.

By: Maged Taman

I do not know the violence in Iraq is caused by extremists or sectarian violence. In both cases those people are undermining our efforts to change the world to peaceful and just world. It is not that some in the west cared much if Muslims killed one another. 8 years of war between Iraq and Iran they were arming both to continue to fight. Muslims die in American attacks by thousand are collateral damage and you do not see any pictures of them in the media. You see only the victims of Extremists or sectarian violence.

The extremists are not only dangering our case but playing well for the propaganda of the west to fear people of Islam and block their conversion to Islam. They divide us and prevent us from getting countries like China and Russia to play a peaceful and stand up role for justice in the world. They are uniting the west against us and giving the Arab tyrants the big role as the civilized leaders. The latter are liked by the west since they torture and kill in the silence of their prisons. Does the word rendition ring a bell, see the movie by same name it is out there watch it. If Jesus is to come today he will be rendered somewhere in the a dungeon in the Middle East. After all he would be calling for eradication of tyranny and injustice.

I applaud Russia and China in large part for their calm and responsive politics. We do not need another cold war or confrontation but we need to have the international players participate in solving world problems. If we were in the good old days were there were balance of power the war in Iraq would have never happened. It was the war of the rich by any standard the oil political complex and the Saudi dynasty.

The extremists have to learn and know how to be powerful without fighting and join moderates like me. It is very reprehensible and stupid to kill innocent Muslims or non-Muslims. Moderates have to engage with them in political dialogue. The Muslim clergy who are supporting the Arab tyrants will have to answer God in their negative role in not standing for the masses. If there is Mahdi they supposed to be the first to prepare the world for him and not to work with the tyrants. If there is Mahdi today he will be very depressed about the Innocent lives lost for this stupid conflicts.

When I came up with Taman Health Plan which would save millions of lives in America over the years I thought It would help me to voice my political views. I proposed to the American politicians to make peace with Iran and pacify Hazeb Allah and Syria and they did not listen to me. The world now need a lot of wisdom and cooperation. I was holding my breath a the invasion of Iraq to see a working democracy despite their doubtful intentions.

Then I proposed Moral Utopia project to see if it helps to get the angry Muslims to have a new coexistence with America. As you know the big corporation would not be controlled by politicians and are not interested to lift the poor. It is a Babylonian system, they want to control us. You see I make a lot of people angry but prophets had that in common with me. Similarly I have in common with them persecution in America.

Jesus (PBUH) was the best known to attack and point to his enemies and the most to suffer persecution along with Muhammad, Abraham, Noah, Moses and other prophets. For many in Babylon they are just historical figures. But I always remember God 's word " We and my prophets are the victorious. When The prophet Isiah (53) would saying who has believed our report it is now is a blind spot in the Bible to many Jews and Christians. They do not work for the kingdom of God but block it.

What the west is looking for I hope not to see Muslims fight one another like in the past. The old saying divide and prevail is not working any more. A lot of wise people in the west think this will end by major wars that drag the whole region and even bigger powers to Armageddon. If there is Armageddon we will be all involved in and it is not true that the good Christians will be ruptured and will come down with the Lord. People have the right for their faith. But the world will be dragged to a dark fate. Jesus will be the first not to like us to be dragged to this gloomy end.

Muslims have to unite and have to get all factions to reconcile with the west. You negotiate with your enemies and rarely you need to do it with your friends. We have to sit down with them group to group. I would never sit with them alone I already tested their wickedness at personal level in America. Remember the history of CIA is killing the patriot leaders or create dirt around them for the interest of corporate America. Babylon was using every thing to be the dominant empire. I came to warn them of God wrath and I found a lot of Christians pastors share me that. I listen to their talk shows every night.

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