Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The American Government Thinks I am Al Mahdi Al Muntazer.

By: Maged Taman

To be honest with you I do not know if I am him or not. But I have a lot of evidences that the American Government thinks I am him. These are my points:

1- I came up with the Taman Health Plan that the Americans desperately need and no one was able to do that in 90 years. In fact it will be the best American policy in about 46 years. So no doubt they think I am a person guided by God.

2- In fact before I found the plan I sent outlines to the Newsweek asking them to have many experts to help me out. I offered myself to be alternative to Ben Ladin to the desperate and oppressed young Muslims.

3- This was like a prophecy since God after few months gave the plan.

4- The Americans spied on me without me knowing since they wanted to be sure I am not connected to any militant Islamic group. Which is easy to prove since I am not involved or joined any jihadi, party or political group all my life. I am a leader and follower of one group only, me. In the future may be people will follow me. I am sure thousands if not millions are reading my blog and waiting to join me in the right moment.

5- The American government tried to block my appearance since 2004. I could not get any interviews in media except from one brave woman Meria Heller. Since they think I am Al Mahdi Almuntazer. They tried to adapt my plans for freedom so I can stay home which I did but I found it fake plans.

6- Despite the great importance of my health plan they banned the media from talking about it. I became the most kept secret in America me and my plan. They are afraid that people will take me seriously and they know that I am against many of their freinds the Arab tyrants.

7- The American government went after me with dirty tricks and disturbed my life and tried to intimidate me. In fact they would try to make me live under fear and pressure so I leave USA. As you my suspect they may then ship me to one of the Arab tyrants if I to leave, watch the movie rendition.

8- But you may ask what I did to deserve that they think I could be Al Mahdi Al Muntazer which may threaten their corrupt allies as the King of Saudi and president of Egypt. I have no doubt that these tyrants were asking to have me shipped to them. Two things protected me my health plan and something called the collective conscience that people see some one good and standing alone for world powers they do not like to see him destroyed it kill the good thing inside them. He is like a hero in a movie they watch him and feel during the process they are changing with him. That is why the American government wants to trash me as a deceitful person.

9- You may ask so why they let your blog fly in the Internet. I honestly do not know they may be looking for to see me declare I am Al Mahdi and then they surprise people by trash they would create against me. This of course will kill the spirit of Muslims. From my previous experiences with them I have learnt their wickedness. For honesty many in the American government like me and feels I share their values.

10- If you have one person that is connected to the intelligence in one of the tyrant countries ask him about me he will tell that America in talks about me with the tyrants as a likely person to be El Mahdi.

11- Besides I have his physical appearance as the prophet described him.

11- My second move is the Muslims and Arabs to read more about Al Mahdi and learn how to follow his plans read my next blogs.

12- I do not want you to believe who I am I want you to read what I write and ask your heart who I am. If I am sure I am him I would declare it. It is possible that you would believe in me than I believe in myself.

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