Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sorry Guys If Islam Is Not From God Christianity and Judiasim Would Be Illusion.

By: Maged Taman

I am a man who love logic and mathematics. I am a man who love "because of that: it is this". So take me as I am with my simple logical mind with no deep philosophy or unseen spirituality. Tell me how can you prove to me that Judaism and Christianity are religions from God and in the same time Islam is a man-made or Satan-made religion. How Islam or Quran is an imitation of them and not from the same God:

1- How the imitation is more perfect than the original.

2- How the imitation came and stayed like it is while the original had changed even for the least of people to believe in that many words or letters are different in different texts even if they did not change the meaning.

3- How the imitation would glorify God more than the original. In Judaism he is less than perfect and in Christianity he is a human. In the latter he was marginalized (God forgive me) to be the father of the real God Jesus.

4- How the prophets would be exalted more in the imitation than the original.

5- How the imitation insist more in the ten commandments than the original.

6- Why a lot of Christians and Jews would like to see Muslims not to follow the ten commandments.

7- Why many Christians and Jews would prefer to have a morally corrupted Muslim leaders than to see moral people leading the Muslims.

8- How the imitation have more devotion to God in all aspects of life than the original.

9- How the imitation is oppressed by the original so the world can continue to have low morality.
10- How the imitation is calling for justice, peace and prosperity to every one and the original prefer certain groups over others.

11- How the imitation got much better scientific facts than the original.

As you see if the imitation was fake the original should be more fake. Sorry guys, I am not the most devout person in the earth I am mainly an observer. If Islam is not from God Christianity and Judaism are illusions.

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