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Quran- Word of God or Muhammad ?

Quran- Word of God or Muhammad ?

Mukto-mona (Collection)

Dear Readers, have you noticed there are many verses in Quran which uses Muhammad's word directly ? If we read those verses, we clearly understand that those were Muhammad's own word, not Allah's.

Well, according to the Muslims the Quran contains the words of God. Quran is to be read as if God Himself had spoken these words stated in it. It is important to emphasize this point because if Quran is the word of God then it should not contain any errors and it should hold true for all times. However, such is not the case.

Dear Readers, we will see how some of the verses in the Quran itself show clearly that these words were obviously spoken by Muhammad and Not God.

The Opening Sura Fatihah:
(Quran 1:1-7)
In the name of the Merciful and Compassionate God.
Praise belongs to God,
The Lord of the worlds, the merciful, the
compassionate, the ruler of the day of
the day of judgment! Thee we serve and Thee
we ask for aid. Guide us in the right path,
the path of those Thou art gracious to;
not to those Thou art wroth with, nor of
those who err.

Someone need not be a rocket-scientist to comprehend that these words are clearly addressed to God, in the form of a prayer. They are Muhammad's words of praise to God ("Guide us in the right path,..." ~ 001.006), asking for God's help and guidance. Some Muslim compilers conveniently add the imperative "say" in the English translation of the Quran at the beginning of the sura to remove this difficulty. This imperative form of the word "say" occurs at least 350 times in the Quran, and its obvious that this word has, in fact, been inserted by later compilers of the Quran to remove countless similarly embarrassing difficulties. Thus, we have direct evidence that the Quran starts out with the words of Muhammad.

My Answer: God teach us in Quran the sayings to praise him. At times he says: Say.
in fataha the absence of the word say make it even more appealing, you praise God in every prayer with the Fatha, you feel he does not order you to say it but you are willingly happily say it as it was your own words and not God's. No wonder it is called the opening sura and is spoken by muslims in every Prayer. It is usally followd by other Sura. Please consult other websites for the 5 muslims'daily prayers and other prayers.

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