Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hajj " Islamic Pilgrimage To Makka" Makes Sense.

Islam is the religion of reasoning. The same God who put reason in the laws of creation also put reasons to understand his religion. These are the reasons behind the Hajj:
1- Call to Muslims to come back to God.
2- Forgiveness of sins and cleansing of soul from the materialistic life.
3-Remind Muslims of the history of religion Particularly Abraham who built the house of God.
4- Unite All Muslims they all are equal participating in same Hajj coming from all world from different races, languages, social class ..... to appreciate the reality of humanity one God and on nation under God.
5- Purity of cloths, body and soul of humans as they meet their God in this holy place.
6- Give new beginning to people when they go back to their countries with a new affidavit with their creator to be better humans.
7- Sacrifice and feeding the poor.
8- In other religions even man made the pilgrim is essential. It is something in human heart to have a spiritual trip back to their creator and take a break from their routine life to renew their spirit.
9- It is a reminder of day of judgment when people go back to their God from everywhere to meet him. This is a great preparation to this day. A successful Hijj give you a great asset in day of judgment.
10- Muslims do not worship the Kappa but they look at it as a holy place where God asked Abraham to build his house it reminds you of the holy Temple ( al Masjid Al aqsa) and the mountain of Sinai where God spoke to Moses. It also remind you how Satan inspired humans to bring idols at the site of Kappa so not to worship their God and Who Muhamad (PBUH) succeeded to bring back Abraham religion to its true call for a true and one God.
11- A call to humanity to Islam. When Pilgrim is announced and seen by whole world people would give this great religion consideration and enthusiasm to know its roots and explore its reality.

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