Monday, December 18, 2006

Al Mahdi Al Muntazer Is Fired.

By: Maged Taman

If Imam Al Mahdi to come today he will be fired at site. From my reading of Islamic prophecies he will be a politician and not a military guy. Through knowledge, wisdom and a lot of politics he will gather people for a peaceful coexistence. These are my reasons why he either quit or fired at site if he to come today:
1- Arab moderates are giving in to the west and Arab tyrants and will not push for drastic changes.
2- Extremists would inflame the Middle East and terror against the west would play well for the west agenda to maintain the status quo and the status of the Arab leaders.
3- The Iranian hard-liners are not helping to get a lot of moderates in the west and Israel to advance our cause for peaceful coexistence and proclaim the Islamic values of peace and justice.
4- Hamas and Fath are doing everything possible to undermine the cause of the Palestinian people. That is why I continue to be a strong disbeliever of the party system particularly in the Arab world.
5- The west would support El Mahdi agenda but for only limited progress and suppress him as long as they can. People daily life in the Arab world is a hell of life already. I do not think a regular American will not feel for them.
6- Still the hope is the west since a lot of people have close mentality to his, I hope they do not fire him as well.
7- The time of tribulation is man-made and is due to people going in different directions with no considerations to the others and lack of belief of very comprehensive agenda.

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