Monday, October 15, 2012

The wicked George Bush, Obama and Clinton:

By: Maged Taman

In the Quran the verse is very clear to the prophet: The Jews and Christians will not accept you until you follow their creed. Which is OK with me if to convince me that the Quran is not from God. Violence in the Quran is the same like in the Bible to fight back oppression.

Same plan of the West and America is to block the rise of Al Mahdi Al Muntazer same plan of the west of supporting Gulf countries who acheive the west interests. Democracy Mrs. Clinton is a game played by George Bush and now you and Obama and what is in your heart is even worse.
Now the west want the Gulf countries who paid them under the table their Gulf wars without people know the real amount of money spent are trying to get the money from them to pay for the international bank who is the way the elites control the wrold.
Mrs. Clinton is real snake and herpia is even better name for her. To Obama if you do not get me my passport that you stole it my people know how to get it say hi to the king of Saudi how is your master and like you the servant of the elites.

Time for the real Christians to stand with Christ and not the wicked people who control the world. They will tell you that Al Mahdi Al Muntazer is the anti-Christ to use you against Islam. Be strong and do not fear the elites.

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