Friday, December 03, 2010

My Vision to Workers Everywhere

By: Maged Taman

The workers in a lot of countries work like slaves particularly in USA. To be fair no doubt the American workers would be protected from humiliation or discrimination to a large extent (except some of the Arab after 9/11 ).

However workers work to pay large portion of their salaries as taxes. Many of the money is a waste to support wars and a military budget of about 500 billion dollars a year. Besides the large owners of America are only small percentage of population. Most of Americans have to work every week, paycheck to paycheck you are not allowed to take significant out of work vacation. You are not allowed to sit down and relax. You have to worry and continue to worry. You have to work until last day of your life.

Karel Marx who was a at certain point of time brought understanding of corrupt elite however brought instead an inapplicable communism that does not accept the human spirit of free market and free choices. Unlike him, I am very faithful to the free market. There is no oppression on non-Muslims to be Muslims or to adopt Sharia. Sharia is applied to people who accept Islam and not for non-Muslims.

However from Islam there is a simple idea that can be implemented anywhere. A 2.5 % of the money, properties of the rich that go to the poor. Thus the rich will try to get more of their money in the market to create jobs to minimize the 2.5% that they have to pay. Thus the economy keep running since the Rich have to spend their bigger portion of money in pushing the wheel of economy and the 2.5% present a continuous stimulus to the economy regular families will stimulate investments to produce foods, clothing and so forth.

To learn more about my plans that offer much to the workers of the world read my health and long term care plan in the Internet first.

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