Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Assange: Is the Left will leave him and let him stand alone

Julian and Me: Michael Moore to Assange’s Rescue

by Juli Weiner
December 14, 2010, 10:15 AM
Photo by Nicholas Genin/Flickr.Filmmaker Michael Moore has offered to put up the $20,000 bail required to release WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange from the London prison where he is currently being held. In a manifesto posted to his Web site, Moore characterized Assange as “a pioneer of free speech, transparent government and the digital revolution in journalism.” As for fear of a flight risk, Moore argued against this possibility by quite convincingly invoking the matter of Assange’s own ego. “I believe that Julian takes pride in his reputation and as any journalist would understands that if he were to abscond he would ruin his reputation in the media and journalism industries,” Moore said.
Assange, meanwhile, is having a hell of a time of it in jail. The Guardian spoke with his lawyer, Mark Stephens, who “said Assange was under 24-hour video surveillance and had complained that a tooth which broke off while he was eating had later been stolen from his cell.” Revolting—until you consider that perhaps the tooth was previously hallowed and repurposed as a secret storage facility for a tiny parchment scroll that bears the poison-pill encryption code! We may never know—that is, until the premiere of Moore’s forthcoming WikiLeaks documentary, Control+Alt+WikiLeaks, the opening scene of which we’ve posted below.
Control+Alt+WikiLeaksDirector: Michael MooreProducer: Michael MooreExecutive producer: Michael MooreArt department production assistant: Michael MooreSound re-recording mixer: Michael MooreMusic assistant (uncredited): Michael Moore
A darkened ROOM. There is a large LAPTOP COMPUTER on an otherwise bare WHITE TABLE. There is but one WINDOW, beyond which lies a SNOWY EXPANSE. Suddenly a BLOND MALE appears sitting at a CHAIR at the other end of the WHITE TABLE. We see only the back of his HEAD as the camera zooms closer. Suddenly the BLOND MAN turns around.MICHAEL MOORE (in blond JULIAN ASSANGE WIG)What I have next to me is the most dangerous weapon on Earth. It currently poses a greater risk to the United States government, the powers that be, Halliburton, and corruption than all the nuclear weapons combined, plus tanks.

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