Tuesday, February 09, 2010

To Chrisitans and Muslims The Jews Are not The Messiah

By: Maged Taman

Muslims and Christians have to wake up the Jews are not the Messiah. They choose the leaders for both of us in the west and in the Arab/Muslims countries. This is not my paranoia read in many websites how the Jews control the world.

They did not do a good job and have a just world. They are far from being a messiah but close enough to be the Anti-Christ. I have known from the history that a lot of them are wicked people particularly the elites and those who stood against their prophets. They are more allied with Satan in most part. The thing is you find some good Jews that they stand with their prophets and for the truth and buy their eternity and you find them the best of people.

By me attacking the evil Jews I am hoping to give the rise up of the good Jews and also to encourage some of the evil Jews or the undecided Jews to come to the truth. Leaving the world to the evil Jews will draw us towards hell. Even the Chinese and Russians are getting angry about the wicked economic policies of the wicked Jews which only help themselves.

Thus it became clear that a lot of people in the world do not like to see the evil Jews control the world including Muslims, Christians and a lot of major countries.

Muslims and Christians in large part share the same ideals and the teachings of Jesus peace be upon him. About his divine or non-divine nature he will let all of us know in few years. Most important for Muslims and Christians is to have dissent and good lives. Why should we suffer while the evil Jews are taking all our money and enjoying hiding it overseas.

Thus it is clear to us that the Jews are not the messiah and in fact they are waiting for their own messiah, surprise, surprise he will be an evil man like some of them. For the good Jews many of you will receive the real Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Still some in the American establishment think I am a crazy guy holding a sign of the end of times in the corner of the street. One problem a lot of people believe me including your government and a lot of Muslims and Christians, even Jews all over the world. We can not go back now we are at the end of time. I prophesied one day about Taman Health Plan and in few months God got the prophecy to be true. A thing that the American government knew for years about my connection with God. Examine my health plan and moral utopia project and compare them with what the evil Jews who are controlling the world have for us for now.

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