Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Can The Jews Block Jesus Second Coming

By: Maged Taman

The Jews blocked the first coming to Jesus not because they were able to challenge God and do that but because God wanted his first coming to be the way it is. He wanted to the wicked Jews (not the good ones)to have their triumph. They paid for that a lot. As known from the Bible and Quran the Jews would block prophets, belie them and kill them.

They made Jesus their sworn enemy though he came for their guidance. The kind Christians think the Jews still like them in most part they despised and tried to kill Jesus and hate Christians, except few. The thing is they could left him alone even if they did not believe in him. But they would not do that it is some thing more than a group of opinionated people they are full of arrogance against God and hatred against his prophets nothing new under the sun.

This is the fact of the wicked Jews (not the good ones). For their tyranny against Jesus they will have their temple destroyed in about year 70. They were distorted in different lands and they were persecuted over the years. For their disobedience and wickedness. Actually in Europe many countries would not let them in since their wicked ones go any where and destroy the country economy, see what the American economy is now while the good ones are not standing to them like they supposed to as their prophets had told them over the years.

The last prophecy to them from Jesus is they will have a messiah that they will believe in and not Jesus. Both Christians and Muslims know him, he is the Antichrist.
They are eagerly waiting for him with the help of the corrupted elites in the world. According to Muslims prophecies Jesus would conquer him in his second coming. Jesus is no more the kind lamb that the Jews will try to slaughter him but the lion who will stand against them and their Antichrist. Thus the good Jews have to take Jesus as the true Messiah like Muslims and Christians they need to do so that they can save their eternity.

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