Monday, August 10, 2009

Follow me: I am your Servant and your Leader

By: Maged Taman

I welcome to my blog Soul Surgeon as a follower. I invite a lot of Muslims and non-Muslims to follow me.

Just let me tell you about myself first I was never in a political group or leader to any group. I am like a passenger that found chaos in the street and have beaten up by two criminals so he decided to take over and find order and peace.
Let me give you more points here:

1- Politics is just to important to be left to politicians.

2- As you see in much in the world they are the elites who wants to be elitists (with some exceptions). They want to have it all and in the process they have to cheat, lie and work for the rich and corrupt. It is specially so in the Arab counties.

3- The time took you to know about me tell you how good guy I am. If I was a jerk, hypocrite and connected to tyrants you would have known me very early.

4- The media do not want to let you know me since I have plans that are rejected by the agents of Satan in this earth.

5- Muslims agents who are connected to the Arab tyrants lobby in America so people would not hear my voice.

6- They even try to convince Israel that they are the best for its interest though they are the source of all anger and extremism in this area.

7- In USA the war machine and the defense political empire is looking to improve the killing capability of their arms.

8- If they would have given me 1/10 th of billions they destroyed in wars I could made a new middle East with happily living Arabs and Israeli.

9- What the world is seeing now is the default for rejecting me. The two who are better than me were rejected: Jesus and Muhammad.

10- I have to continue however to try to work with a lot of good people to find a better world to all of us.

11- I will be going soon to Egypt in September 2009 and I like to have followers before I arrive.

So please feel free to add yourself to my web site but you should not be extremist or koskos. the later koskos (it is a food in the Middle East) are the Muslims who are standing with the tyrants and enjoying to be enslaved or loving the west without pointing out their injust policies towards us or getting real change in policies.

We need Muslims who are fair, reasonable, dissent but strong in their faith and the right for Muslims and non-Muslims to have dissent lives. Actually convert Jews and Christians who lived in the west would be the best Muslims and non-Muslims among the Jews and Christians will understand our struggle.

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