Saturday, August 08, 2009

Spirituality In Islam.

By: Maged Taman

According to Spirituality and personal well-being are identified:
Due to its broad scope and individual nature, spirituality is perhaps better understood by highlighting a number of key concepts that have arisen for people when asked to describe what spirituality means to them. Research by Martsolf & Mickley (1998) highlighted the following areas as worthy of consideration:
Meaning – significance of life; making sense of situations; deriving purpose
Values – beliefs and standards that are cherished
Transcendence – experience and appreciation of a dimension beyond self
Connecting – relationships with self, others, God/Higher Power, and the environment.
Becoming – an unfolding of life that demands reflection and experience; includes a sense of who one is and how one knows.

We all have this high spiritual humans inside our earthy body. The conflict between the body (material) and soul (spirit) is a continuous process. Materialism believes in the political existence of humans. They work in a social acceptance that allow everyone to enjoy his desires without stepping on other people shoes.

In real life materialism is what you can get to fulfill the highest of your desires without self-compromise. The soul has no existence or is an imaginary shadow that we do not see or touch for materialistic people. They fell to this false reality. Material fulfilment is never complete and endless. Even for the most achievers they feel empty or lost oneself in the process to reach high materialistic gains.

Depression, anxiety, drugs and alcohol abuse are some of the manifestations of the loss of one's soul. Materialistic endeavours also affect in large the state of most countries where the immoral capitalism and the desire to attain wealth result in the crush of other people and countries.

Total spiritualism is to divorce all the material life and live like a Monk. In Islam there is a balance between the soul and the body & between spirituality and materialism. Moral capitalism has allowed Muslims to enjoy the free capitalistic system and feel good by giving a certain percent to the poor and play the market morally.

The good feeling of Muslims of being parts of one body that everyone feel for one another and the justice to non Muslims give a spiritual fulfillment. Superiority of oneself and selfishness is replaced by common goal to all Muslims is to make God happy of us.

The daily activities of high morality in Islam make you feel a spiritual being. The 5 prayers to God a day, reciting Quran (which is very enjoyable for Muslims) make you walk like a spirit in earth. It is an ultimate state of Godliness. You are not isolated from materialism or humanity but you live with the guidance of God as a righteous person. You submit to God and enjoy the peace that Islam creates in its people and to non-Muslims around them. You give in in some of the excessive desires and you contribute to a happy and peaceful society. It is a win-win to everyone.


Hanan said...
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Maged Taman said...

Very good, so I can add this to my article spritual stenght in Islam is related to what Islam provides us with constant feel of God existence, program of life, resources of Quran and Sunna, better relations with one another, enjoying the good of life and having God's care and forgiveness.

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